7 TV Shows That Lasted Too Long
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7 TV Shows That Lasted Too Long


HBO execs recently announced Game of Thrones could last eight seasons, maybe even more. On one hand, we're thrilled this fantasy saga will be as epic in length as it is in scope, but we're worried it will outstay its welcome. It wouldn't be the first.

We have 7 examples of shows we once loved that ended up stretching on for so long, we started to wish they'd been canceled years ago. Fingers crossed Game of Thrones will beat the trend and keep its quality up, no matter how long it stays on air.

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Of all the shows on the list, this is the one Game of Thrones has the most to learn from. After all, Dexter started as a prestigious, Emmy-nominated cable show, but it ended as a complete joke after 8 seasons. Its terrible finale was the real nail in the coffin, but it had steadily been slipping in quality for years. Don't be Dexter, Game of Thrones.


In its early seasons, Glee was a breath of fresh air, but by the end of its six-season run, we just wanted to put it out of its misery. We still loved a lot of the characters, but the plot had gone so off the rails, it was hard to believe it was the same show.

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Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl was pure addictive fun when it started, but by the end of Season 6 it was a convoluted mess and capped things off with one of the most nonsensical "reveals" in TV history.

How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother was once a charming hang-out comedy, but by the end of its 9 seasons the characters had become parodies of themselves We were sick of their romantic ups and downs, and really, we were just watching to finally meet the mother. (Let's not even talk about how the finale ruined that, too.)

Project Runway

Remember when Project Runway felt culturally relevant, and the designers actually had time to make interesting fashion instead of rushing to churn out dresses in under a day? Yes, we'll be watching Season 14 as religiously as ever come August 6, but the sad fact is this show is a shadow of its former self.

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True Blood

True Blood never had the most realistic plots around, but each season the writers tried to outdo themselves with crazy twists and weird new characters. At first, it was fun, but it didn't take long for thing to get too ridiculous. The campy vampire show always had its moments, but by the end of Season 7, we were not sorry to see it go.


Another example of eight seasons being far too many, Weeds lost its sparkle after the first few, and then just kept going, and going, and going...