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Which TV Star Beauty Showed Off Her Third Trimester Baby Bump?!

Springtime is all about babies popping out left and right, and one of our favorite three-peat TV stars is totally on time! “Third Trimester…!! How has this gone by so fast?!” she posted alongside this headless (weird angle, lady) selfie on January 27.

She’s been showing off her baby bump all along, but it’s hard to believe this reality star is already in the last few months of her pregnancy! Especially considering she’s so dang trim. She pointed out that she’s “carrying this little man so differently” than she did her first child, which was a girl.

She and her husband and daughter live a beautiful life in Dallas, Texas — though the pregnant gal and her man just took a trip on a sailing ship for a romantic babymoon in preparation for the little man. Though her life is all roses now, she had a pretty awkward introduction into our television zeitgeist, with a public broken engagement in the most uncomfortable moment we’ve ever seen!

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