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Without risk, there’s no reward, and Reign might be the CW’s biggest risk to date — but will it be the smash hit they need it to be? We hope so. Love live the Queen!

The royal drama, set in 16th-century France, skims the details, but what it lacks in historical accuracy, it makes up for in juicy drama, pretty people, and a pop culture soundtrack. In other words, Reign will be your new guilty pleasure. Did we mention the character are really, really gorgeous? The CW certainly isn’t taking any risks when it comes to casting attractive people.

Don’t believe us? Here are five reasons we fell in love with the sudsy drama.

1. The Queen. Sorry, Bey, but there’s a new queen in town. Bow down to Adelaide Kane, the breakout star of Reign. Taking on the role of Mary, Queen of Scots is no easy task, but Adelaide handles it with grace and power. She may be naive, but Mary is strong-willed in her convictions. She’ll do what’s best for country, even if that means marrying someone she doesn’t even know — but she’ll still flirt with the King’s bastard son because duh, she’s a teenaged girl. She isn’t perfect, and that’s what makes Adelaide’s performance so believable. You’ll want to be besties with Mary and her ladies in waiting by the end of the pilot.

Credit: The CW

2. The Love Triangle. Like its lead-in series, The Vampire Diaries, at the center of all the juicy drama on Reign is the love triangle brewing between Mary, her soon-to-be fiance Prince Francis (Toby Regbo) and the King’s bastard son Bash (Torrance Coombs). Francis has everything handed to him on a silver platter, but he’s bored by it all — even the news of his impending engagement. Meanwhile, Bash stands by his half-brother, yet is entitled to nothing. There’s a history between Mary and Francis, but Bash is attracted to Mary’s feisty spirit, which leads to some obvious sexual tension. We can wait until the climactic (and undoubtedly sexy) fight between Francis and Bash. (We’re Team Bash, in case you were wondering.)

3. It’s Risky. We’re not kidding when we say The CW is taking some serious risks with Reign. Sure, it’s Downton Abbey-lite for the “Me” generation, but it also pushes the barriers of CW programming. Need proof? Try not to be shocked when one of Mary’s ladies in waiting pleasures herself after spying on a royal bedding ceremony. The surprising scene was trimmed from its initial length, but the onscreen act is still the most risqué scene in CW history. With a scene like that in its pilot, there’s no telling where Reign will go from here (unless, of course, you ask Queen Catherine’s Seer).

Credit: The CW

4. It Doesn’t Take Itself Too Seriously. Reign is the season’s most polarizing new show. You’ll either love it for what it is — a soapy treasure full of royal sexytime, pretty dresses, and hot guys — or hate it for its shallow dialogue and historical inaccuracies. However, Reign serves up its drama with a wink and sly smile.

5. The Music. What’s a CW show without an epic soundtrack? Reign may be set in 16th-century France, but its modern soundtrack makes it feel young and fresh for a Millennial audience. Reign was able to capture our hearts with a few choice music moments featuring Mumford and Sons, Phillip Phillips and an original song from The Lumineers. (Cue the epic mid-episode dance party!) The soundtrack is almost as infectious as the drama. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if Lorde’s “Royals” popped up in Episode 2 because that would be pure pop perfection.

What do you think, dear readers? Will you tune in to watch Reign? Tell us what you think about the CW’s new series in the comments below!

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