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At this point, pretty much everyone knows at least a little bit about the Robertsons from A&E’s mega reality hit, Duck Dynasty. Since the show premiered in 2012, the tight-knit Louisiana family of duck callers has won over the hearts of America with their charming and accessible humor, strong values, and genuine love for one another. And while sometimes the women of the family can take a back seat to their scene-stealing hubbies — the strongly-bearded Phil, Si, Willie, and Jase — it’s important to spotlight the women behind the men, particularly the family’s matriarch: Miss Kay Robertson.

Miss Kay is finally stepping into the spotlight herself with her first cookbook, Miss Kay’s Duck Commander Kitchen, arriving just in time for the holidays. Wetpaint Entertainment spoke with Miss Kay exclusively to find out more about her favorite things to cook, and how her family — whose Duck Dynasty Christmas special airs tonight, December 11 on A&E — gets into the Christmas spirit.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Your family’s album, Duck The Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas, is a big hit on the Billboard charts. What’s been your reaction to all of this?

Miss Kay: I absolutely love our holiday album. There have been a few surprises — like finding out that Willie can actually sing. It was no surprise that Missy’s voice comes through bright and clear and angelic. Every time our family works together on a big project we enjoy each other’s company — and making this album was no exception.

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What is your favorite thing to cook for your large brood?

By the time we get to Christmas, we have had enough turkey and ham, so we usually go for seafood. We love crawfish, shrimp, and catfish. My cookbook has six of my favorite crawfish recipes and four recipes for those delicious Louisiana shrimp. Catfish is a staple down here — we fry it, grill it, and blacken it.

How does your faith come into play with your cooking?

The central element of both my cooking and my faith is love. Jesus loved us enough to die for us, and I remember that every day as I interact with family and friends. I do love to cook, but there’s more than just the love of the craft — I love cooking for the people I love.

Are there any big family holiday traditions that you keep to each year?

As I mentioned earlier, we always do a big seafood fest for our Christmas Day meal with all of the Robertson’s. We also have performances by the kids and I give out gag gifts in addition to our regular gift exchange. We pray, eat, and laugh a lot at our Robertson Christmas!

Miss Kay’s new cookbook, Miss Kay’s Duck Commander Kitchen: Faith, Family, and Food — Bringing Our Home to Your Table, is now available for purchase on Amazon.

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And tune into the Duck Dynasty Christmas hour-long Christmas special tonight, December 11, at 10 p.m. on A&E.

Do you share any holiday traditions with Miss Kay and the Robertsons? Let us know in the comments.

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