Credit: Showtime Photo: Homeland's Chris, Dana and Jessica Brody

The Homeland Season 3 finale airs tomorrow (Sunday, December 15) but we already have a hint as to where Season 4 will focus — away from the Brody ladies.

According to TVLine, original cast members Morena Baccarin (Jessica Brody) and Morgan Saylor (Dana Brody) will not be back as series regulars in Season 4. Sources told the site both actresses could return on a guest-star basis, like Diego Klattenhoff (Mike) did for Season 3. So they may not be gone, just lessened a bit.

Early episodes of Season 3 felt like The Dana Show, to the consternation of many fans. Now Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) is back in the picture, but ... is the lessening of the Brody roles a hint that he dies in the finale? If he was gone, it might make sense to tie up the loose ends and take Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) in a new direction with her baby in Season 4. Or maybe it just means Brody and Carrie will go in their new direction and leave his former family behind. It's not like they're dying to stay with him. 

Or maybe next season the Brodys will remember that they have another child, Chris (Jackson Pace), and actually give him some air time too.

Do you think Nicholas Brody will die in the Season 3 finale? There are so many hints to it … maybe too many? Would it be too obvious? What do you think about seeing less Dana and Jessica Brody? Is anyone not happy about that?

Source: TVLine

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