Didn’t we all learn from the infamous Katy Perry incident that you should never blow off Barbara Walters, unless you’re ready to be called out publicly? Apparently, Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson never got the memo, as the A&E reality star chose to skip out entirely on his interview with Barbara for her final 10 Most Fascinating People of 2013, opting to go — you guessed it — hunting. And though the special was taped long before his controversial anti-gay comments came out, we still can't help but note this badly-timed snub.

The ABC special, which aired last night (December 18), featured the Duck Dynasty brood alongside such big names as Miley Cyrus and Kimye. And yet, the show’s star still chose to skip the festivities, sending his wife, Miss Kay, in his place. When Barbara brought up Phil’s absence to Miss Kay, the matriarch reassured her that it’s par for the course for Phil to choose the ducks over all.

“Between November and January, I told him I didn’t ever plan to die then, because he may not be at my funeral,” Kay joked.

And this isn’t the first time that Phil has missed out on a major family milestone, says his daughter-in-law Jessica Robertson (wife of son Jep).

“Well, he missed the birth of Jase, Missy’s husband, because he was in the duck line and he wouldn’t leave…” Jessica revealed. “And so yes, he missed the birth of his son.”

Though we would have loved to see Phil face-off with the legendary ABC newswoman, we can’t fault him for being dedicated to his craft. After all, it has made him and his family a lot of moolah. Plus, there's a good chance he could have made things worse with even more offensive remarks. And now that he's been suspended from the show, his appearance wouldn't have totally been relevant. Now that we think about it, this was all probably for the best.

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