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Cringe alert! The Hollywood Reporter’s “Rule Breakers of 2013” issue just dropped and guess who graces the cover? That would be Willie Robertson, star of A&E’s Duck Dynasty — and son of recently scandal-plagued GQ interviewee, Phil Robertson. Not great timing for the publication, which praises the cast for having the No. 1 unscripted show on television.

As you might remember, Phil came under fire this week when his inflammatory anti-gay remarks from a GQ interview were made public. He said that the LGBT lifestyle was “not logical” and likened it to other “sins”, such as prostitution and bestiality. His comments caused an uproar and even got him suspended from the reality show.

And though The Hollywood Reporter couldn’t have predicted that this would happen, we can’t help but feel a little uncomfortable with the Robertsons’ being honored for their “rule breaking” in this special issue.

To be fair, it’s not entirely fair to lump Willie and his brothers in with their father and his outspoken conservative values. They have all been much more careful about what they reveal to the public when it comes to their stance on the gay community. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t agree with their pop. This is, after all, a family of bible-abiding Christians, and they’ve never been shy about portraying that on their show.

"It's a combination of the faith, the positive and the family aspect...and it's funny," Wille says in the issue, when asked about his show’s unprecedented popularity. His brother Jase adds: "We're just kind of doing what we do, and people identify with that."

A lot can change in one week. Will America still identify with the Robertson clan? Only time will tell.

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