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Everyone and their mother is coming out of the woodwork to weigh in with their thoughts on the Phil Robertson scandal. The newest offender: Fox News personality Sean Hannity, who is showing his support for the Duck Dynasty star for speaking his (controversial) mind.

After sharing his religious objections to the LGBT lifestyle in a GQ interview, Phil was suspended from his A&E reality show yesterday (December 19)  — and Sean has a big problem with the network’s decision.

"A&E knows how [Phil] feels about this,” the pundit declared on his radio show. “Why did they put him with a GQ guy in the first place? How stupid are they? By the way, the number to — the CEO at A&E is Abbe Raven — if you wanna give her your opinion about this, or Nancy Dubuc is [phone number redacted]. The general number at A&E is [redacted]." Yep, he gave out their actual numbers!

As to the names he dropped: Abbe Raven is the chairman of A&E Networks, while Nancy Dubuc serves as president and CEO of A&E Networks. Something tells us that these VIPs weren’t too pleased with having that information made public.

"I'm not telling people what to say,” Sean added. “Be polite. I always urge that. But call them and tell them what you think."

The conservative host explained further his issue with taking Phil off the air. "There are plenty of gay-themed programs on television... I don't know any conservatives that are demanding that these shows be taken off the air."

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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