Credit: Collider Photo: Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street

Leonardo DiCaprio is now starring as Jordan Belfort in the Martin Scorsese film The Wolf of Wall Street. It's based on the true story of Jordan's rise and fall as a corrupt, drug-loving stockbroker who scammed investors out of more than $110 million in the 1990s.

And now the real Jordan Belfort is apparently poised to be the next reality TV star. Electus CEO Chris Grant, who runs the studio behind reality shows like Fashion Star and Mob Wives, tracked down Jordan, who spent about 22 months in jail for his crimes and now works as a motivational speaker. Chris and Jordan worked together to pitch a show tailored to Jordan's "unique set of business skills."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, "The result is an uplifting show that sees Belfort, now 51, stepping in to help others who, like him, have hit rock bottom but still hold out some hope for redemption."

Does anyone really want to see a show where a swindler helps others — especially if they are "like him"? There are so many hard-working honest people out there who have truly hit "rock bottom" in this economy, in a way very different from a financial criminal. Why give this guy another forum?

The Electus CEO said interest among networks that have met Jordan is high, thanks to the memoir writer's personality, which was described as "TV gold."

So maybe crime does pay in the end, if you can package it into a memoir that's adapted into a movie and then get your own reality TV show.

Would you watch a show like this?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter