If you could care less about the Olympics coverage on NBC, let us introduce you to your new favorite web series: Friday Night at the Luncheonette. It seems like the Powers that Be — aka TV god Jason Katims — have decided to gift us with a crossover between his shows Parenthood and Friday Night Lights.

In the first webisode of the crossover, we see Amber (Mae Whitman) babysitting Max (Max Burkholder) at the Luncheonette, a recording studio owned by her two Braverman uncles. Amber seems to be planning an afternoon rendezvous that she doesn’t want anyone to know about, and when she gets stuck watching Max for longer than she expects, she tries to cancel. But it’s too late! Enter Landry (Jesse Plemons) and the rest of his ska band Crucifictorious from Dillon, Texas — on FNL Landry described the group as “extreme grindcore with heavy thrash influences,” so we expect a party to go down in the later webisodes.

There are plenty of FNL references in the 2.5-minute video, with Amber — clad in an East Dillon Lions T-shirt — accidentally calling Landry “Lance” like Coach Taylor used to do. We were expecting to see Billy Riggins (Derek Phillips) in the video, but maybe he’ll be in later ones.

Stay tuned for more webisodes of Friday Night at the Luncheonette!

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