Get ready to meet The Mother! The next one, anyway.

According to Deadline, Meg Ryan is officially set to voice the older version of the mother in the CBS spin-off of How I Met Your Mother.

How I Met Your Dad centers around Greta Gerwig’s Sally, who’s telling the story (as Ted Mosby did) of how she met the father of her children. And as Bob Saget narrated the original show, Meg Ryan is taking over as future Sally.

As bitter as we still are about the way How I Met Your Mother ended — and wanted to boycott How I Met Your Dad in protest — now that Meg Ryan’s attached, we know we won’t be able to hold out. The original series is all about capturing the essence of friendship and love in New York City, and who’s better at accomplishing that than Meg Ryan? We dare you to tell us you can watch You’ve Got Mail without getting butterflies.

And just as we (regretfully) never saw Bob as an older Ted, Meg will exist off-camera, too. Sally’s gang of friends will be comprised of actors Drew Tarver, Nick D’Agosto, Andrew Santino, and Tiya Sircar.

And so begins the next story of love and loss. Are we ready to subject ourselves to nine more years of possible irreversible emotional trauma? We’ll find out in the fall. Fingers crossed Sally’s match meets a better fate than Ted’s did.

Source: Deadline