Survivor 2013

Jeff Probst devotees, get ready to rejoice! Survivor is back for Season 27 with Survivor: Blood vs. Water, which premieres September 18.

What do we know about Survivor: Blood vs. Water so far? Well, for one thing, we know the contestants!

Survivor 2013 features 10 pairs of players — each composed of one new and one returning player.

  • Colton Cumbie (Survivor: One World) with his fiancé, Caleb
  • Gervase Peterson (Survivor: Borneo) with his niece, Marissa
  • Tyson Apostol (Survivor: Tocantins, Heroes vs. Villains) with his girlfriend, Rachel
  • Candice Woodcock (Survivor: Cook Islands, Heroes vs. Villains) with her husband John
  • Kat Edorsson (Survivor: One World) with her boyfriend, Hayden Moss (Big Brother Season 12 winner)
  • Monica Culpepper (Survivor: One World) and her husband, Brad Culpepper (former NFL player).
  • Aras Baskauskas (Survivor: Panama winner) and his brother, Vytas
  • Rupert Boneham (Survivor: Pearl Islands, All-Stars and Heroes vs. Villains) and his wife, Laura
  • Laura Morett (Survivor: Samoa) with her daughter, Ciera
  • Tina Wesson (Survivor: Australia winner, All-Stars) and her daughter, Katie

This season’s players all seem to be powerhouses, but there’s a twist: Blood vs. Water gets its name from the idea that, while each team features family or partners, the two players in each pair will be competing not together, but rather against each other. Each half of each pair will be grouped into one of two opposing tribes, and each player will have to choose whether or not they want to support the other half of their duo (blood), or the rest of their actual teammates (water).

Many people seem to have their sights set on Hayden Moss as an interesting contender and a big target, thanks to his Big Brother 12 win. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Hayden and his girlfriend Kat Edorsson shared their thoughts on this season of the show, and it will be interesting to see how far his social game prowess and her physical ability carry them.

The show will also feature a modified version of Redemption Island, where constants may choose to switch places with their partner if their partner is on Redemption Island.

Season 27 will also differ from previous seasons, as it will place contestants on the island for 39.5 days, as opposed to the traditional 39. The additional half day is known as Day Zero, and it will find each pair marooned in a separate location and forced to spend the night together by themselves before congregating with the rest of the contestants and splitting into tribes the next morning.

Who do you think is going to win Survivor 2013? One thing we know for sure is: we can’t wait to find out!

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