MTV’s Jerks With Cameras Takes Over an Elevator in New Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

Credit: MTV

It’s time for the Jerks again! In case you haven’t heard, MTV’s got a new prank show on its hands called Jerks With Cameras, and it’s pretty much like Punk’d if Ashton Kutcher didn’t have a reputation to uphold in Hollywood — which is to say it’s hilarious.

There’s a new episode on tonight (March 6) and Wetpaint Entertainment got a sneak peek of what’s ahead. Hope you’re ready to laugh because the pranks the Jerks have cooked up this week are next level (you’ll get the joke soon, promise).

Here’s the scene: A dude walks into an elevator (get it now?) and promptly starts hyperventilating. Turns out he’s claustrophobic so being in a tiny metal box suspended who knows how many hundreds of feet up isn’t exactly his idea of fun. Or, now that we think of it, ours either. See the crazy results for yourself in the video above. You might want to bring along a brown paper bag to breath into.

We also got a special look at one of the other pranks ahead on tonight’s show and we’ve got just one word for you: masseuse.

Tune in to see the happy (or not so happy) ending tonight on MTV. Jerks With Cameras is on Thursdays at 11 p.m.

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