Kate Gosselin Gets Super Competitive With Her Kids (VIDEO)

Credit: AOL

We don’t know about you, but some of our worst middle school memories have to do with dodgeball, which is basically a sanctioned excuse for hormone-filled prepubescents to hurl balls at their budding social rivals — because hugging it out is soooo last century. But imagine the “kid” who sent that ball flying your way as your mom, and the horror increases tenfold. Well, that’s exactly what happens to 13-year-old Mady Gosselin in this clip from Kate Plus 8, which returns with new episodes this December.

In the video, Kate and her band of littles play Gaga Ball, a game that is essentially dodgeball with a “nothing above the waist” rule. The kids see it as good clean fun, while Kate sees it as a way to work out her aggression issues — and she has no plans to take it easy on her kiddos. “Hate away,” she says, “but I have a problem with parents who let their kids win, because nobody is going to let me win.”

Want to see how the “game” plays out? We’ll give you a hint: It ends with Mady collecting a bit of an injury — and another grievance for her diary.

Watch the video below, then tell us if you think Kate has the right attitude about not taking it easy on her offspring.

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