Which Female Is TV’s Biggest Badass? Vote Here!


Which Female Is TV’s Biggest Badass? Vote Here!

Sometimes it can feel like a man’s world, but these leading ladies are here to claim their turf. They manage to kick ass and look fabulous while doing so and for that reason they’ve earned a spot on our list of TV’s 13 biggest female badasses.

Now it’s your turn to declare one of these pros the winner.

Will you vote for Revenge’s Emily Thorne, who has proven that nothing will stand in the way of her vengeance?

Or maybe you’re a fan of Teen Wolf’s fearless rebel, Allison Argent, who uses her bow and arrow to solve werewolf crimes.

Which Female Is TV’s Biggest Badass? Vote Here!
Credit: Vivian Zink/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

Castle’s Kate Beckett certainly has a fighting chance, considering she’s hired to be a professional badass fighting crime and winning Rick Castle’s heart.

And let’s not forget Game of Thrones’ Daenerys Targaryen, who controls the dragons. No really, she’s the Mother of Dragons.

Though she may not command an army, Pretty Little LiarsSpencer Hastings has been a double agent for the “A” Team. Talk about gutsy!

And while her battles are fought in local government, Leslie Knope can kick some ass and effect change better than the majority of TV’s politicians.

Fewer fans might be familiar with the BBC show Orphan Black, but Sarah Manning’s fight for answers earns her a spot on this list.

And after her off-screen counterpart, Claire Danes, took home the majority of TV’s biggest awards, Homeland’s Carrie Matheson definitely deserves consideration. Her role in the CIA combined with her sheer drive helps keep our nation safe!

Which Female Is TV’s Biggest Badass? Vote Here!
Credit: Richard Cartwright/ ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

Speaking of keeping the nation safe, what about Scandal’s Olivia Pope? This do-gooder doesn’t mind committing crime in order to help her clients (and typically the country in the process).

Giving a voice to women at a time when they were often silenced, Mad Men’s Peggy Olson not only earns our respect, she’s landed herself a badass spot on the list.

She may not come out of a fairytale, but Once Upon a Time’s Emma Swan certainly is a badass. Who else would fight off a dragon by herself?!

Elementary’s Joan Watson helps Sherlock Holmes solve crime, but she also keeps her cool in tense situations. And in the medical field, Grey’s Anatomy’s Cristina Yang kept calm in the middle of a blackout when she successfully performed heart surgery. Talk about a badass!

But who has your vote? Tell us below!

Are you crazy? It's totally someone else.

It's got to be Emily Thorne!