Emily Maynard Tweets About Engagement For the First Time
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Emily Maynard

Emily Maynard Tweets About Engagement For the First Time

It’s been three days since former Bachelorette Emily Maynard revealed she was engaged for the fourth (and hopefully last) time. That Tyler Johnson is a lucky man! Bachelor Nation shared its congrats, though we’ve only heard from one of her exes, but what about the lady herself?

On January 10, Emily finally acknowledged her own huge news with this tweet: "Thank you everyone for all the sweet messages! Now I'm off to @FLY_Charlotte I've got a wedding to look good for!"

We’re guessing Emily hasn’t not looked good a day in her life, but that handle is for Flywheel indoor cycling classes in Charlotte, North Carolina. So Ricki’s mom may be putting her pedals to the metal as we speak.

Emily actually tweeted right on Tuesday, January 7, but it was several hours before her big news broke. She dropped some big hints that only made sense after we heard about the ring(s). “Thank you to my sweet friends at @towneandreese for the one of the prettiest flower arrangements I've ever seen! Love you girls!” she wrote when sharing this pic of a truly gorgeous bouquet.

Emily Maynard Tweets About Engagement For the First Time
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Another tweet said, “New post at EmilyMaynard.com today! {my best year ever} Do you have any resolutions for 2014?” She linked to her January 7 blog, which has this intro:

“Does anyone remember the show on Vh1 called ‘Best Week Ever’? It may still be on.. I quit watching now that Flavor of Love isn't on anymore. Don't judge. Anyway, all week I can't help but hear that crazy guy scream, ‘Emily Maynard is having the BEST YEAR EVER!’ over and over in my head. Crazy? Absolutely. True? Every bit. Seriously, we're only a week into 2014 and it has already been one of my best yet! More on that on another day ;)”

Actually, more on that the same day, just a bit later! Congrats again to Emily. It does seem like she’s enjoying an exceptionally good year so far, and hopefully the rest of 2014 follows suit. We can only imagine she’ll be the most beautiful bride Charlotte has ever seen … assuming she makes it down the aisle this time.

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