Is Demi Lovato Good At Twerking? She Says…. (VIDEO)
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Demi Lovato

Is Demi Lovato Good At Twerking? She Says…. (VIDEO)

Demi Lovato isn’t exactly a fan of the twerk, and the pop princess took a moment to explain why during a recent interview with late night TV host Conan O’Brien.

“Is there pressure if you’re a young performer these days and you’re popular out there to twerk?” Conan asks. “Do you ever feel this pressure like, ‘Argh, that’s what people want. I gotta twerk’ or is your manager like, ‘Get out there and twerk! Come on, baby, do it!’?”

Demi responds, diplomatically: “Some people look so good doing it.”

“Who doesn’t look good doing it?” Conan asks. The 21-year-old entertainer avoids calling out anyone specific including fellow musician Miley Cyrus (who, for better or worse, is currently synonymous with twerking). Instead, she wonders what twerking actually means.

“I don’t really know what it is. I don’t understand it. Is it twitching and working?” she asks. “Why don’t we just call it dancing anymore? Is it tweaking and working? What is it exactly?”

Conan like really all of us doesn’t have a concrete definition. “Well, you’re asking the worst person in the world,” he says. “I’m the whitest man in America.” Conan’s trusty sidekick Andy Richter tries to assist with his explanation that twerking is a “very particular kind of booty shaking.”

But that’s not clear enough for Dems: “I’ve got a good booty, I know how to shake it. I just don’t know what the difference is between doing that and twerking.”

“I think you’ll have to discover that for yourself,” Andy says. Demi laughs, adding, “You’re right, you’re right. It is a personal journey.”

Dems, please don’t go on this journey. The way of the twerk is littered with naught but crumpled foam fingers and used black pasties.

Source: Conan! Tonight

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