Pretty Little Liars Twin Theory: Sasha Pieterse Confirms Ali Does Not Have a Twin
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Twin Theory: Sasha Pieterse Confirms Ali Does Not Have a Twin

Alison’s return as a present-day character on Pretty Little Liars is one of the major reasons we’re so excited for Season 5. But might we be seeing another character played by the lovely Sasha Pieterse — Ali’s twin sister? Sasha doesn’t seem to think so.

When asked whether she knew Alison would be back from the dead, Sasha told Clevver TV: “I figured there was going to be something like that. She was alive. Well, her twin was alive for the books, and obviously, I do not have a twin in the show, so something had to happen.” Is it bad that we’re still not convinced? We’re not saying we’re definitely sold on the twin idea, we’re just not ready to give up on it completely, either, especially when there are so many clues that there might be another DiLaurentis.

Sasha went on to talk about her foreknowledge of Alison’s reappearance, saying: “They follow the books generally. There’s a few things that they can kind of wiggle out of, and I was really hoping that mine was not one of those things, and it wasn’t and I’m alive and I’m really happy. And I obviously found out way before you did, but not too far back so I was just as surprised as you were, and I was very excited to see how they were going to twist it and they twisted it really well in my opinion. The writing turned out really cool. I love how they twisted what I did that night. So, it’s just been a lot of fun.”

We agree with Alison. We were a bit skeptical when Pretty Little Liars revealed she was still alive, but now we think it her storyline is one of the most promising aspects of the upcoming season, not only through the further exploration of Ali’s character, but in the way that her return to Rosewood is sure to affect every other character on this show.

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Catch the Season 5 premiere of Pretty Little Liars on Tuesday, June 10 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

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