Twisted Finale Spoilers: Who Killed Regina? Is Vikram Really Dead? Cast Sounds Off! — Exclusive
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Pretty Little Liars

Twisted Finale Spoilers: Who Killed Regina? Is Vikram Really Dead? Cast Sounds Off! — Exclusive

Who killed Regina Crane? Did Danny’s dad Vikram really have an affair with Regina? Will Jo be able to forgive Danny and Lacey? And what is up with that necklace? These are just a few of the burning questions we have going into the summer finale of Twisted (airing Tuesday, August 27 at 9 p.m. ET).

Luckily, Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Twisted stars Avan Jogia (Danny), Madelaine Hasson (Jo), and Kylie Bunbury (Lacey) before the big finale to get the scoop on what to expect. From Jo’s spontaneous hook-up with Tyler (Chris Zylka) to the importance of the necklace, here are five things to know about the Twisted midseason finale (“Out With the In-Crowd”) — and what to expect when the show comes back in January!

1. Danny and Lacey’s secret is finally revealed.

In the midseason finale, Danny and Lacey’s dirty little secret is finally revealed when the video of their make-out session gets sent to the entire school. Dacey fans, prepare yourself for a lot of drama.

“It’s going to all come to a head because Danny and Lacey realize that there’s more people involved in this relationship than just them. There’s Jo, too,” Avan told us. “Danny feels a little bit accountable to Jo, as does Lacey. They don’t know what to do and what the right decision is in letting Jo know because they both betrayed her because they didn’t tell her about their relationship.”

It sounds like Danny and Lacey won’t be getting back together anytime soon, but Dacey fans, don’t give up hope! According to Kylie, the chemistry between Danny and Lacey is still very much present in the finale.

“They obviously have feelings for each other, but at this point, the lies are too much for Lacey,” Kylie dished. “She knows she’s hurting Jo with this video coming out into the open, so she wants to remove herself from the situation. So even though they have a connection, and they definitely have feelings for each other, it’s just not the right time.”

We know this isn’t the news you were hoping for, Dacey fans, but here’s something that will hopefully brighten your day: Avan knows all about your Dacey fanfiction — “it gets pretty twisted!” he said (pun most definitely intended).

Twisted Finale Spoilers: Who Killed Regina? Is Vikram Really Dead? Cast Sounds Off! — Exclusive
Credit: ABC Family    

2. Jo’s steamy hook-up. We rejoiced when Jo tossed Tyler to the curb. After all, not only was he a major creep (who has their birthday party at a cemetery?!), but he also harassed her BFF Danny for the sake of his documentary. Not cool, bro. However, in the Season 1 midseason finale, Jo will find herself on Tyler’s doorstep.

“She’s a lost soul!” joked Madelaine. “They kind of make amends, and they make up. He apologizes, but with Tyler, you can never really tell.”

As for Tyler, expect to see more of the artsy high schooler when Twisted returns in January. With Archie possibly on his way out of Green Grove (portrayer Grey Damon landed a starring role on the new CW series Star-Crossed), Danny is in the market for another sparring partner, and Tyler may fit the bill.

“Tyler is messing with Danny, so there’s definitely going to be a conflict there,” said Avan. “I think it will be interesting to see how far they want to take Tyler and how far Tyler can push Danny before he snaps.”

(Side note: The creepy Danny masks will hopefully not make a comeback in the winter season. “I hope we’re done with the masks because I’m going to steal them all and give them to my friends,” Avan said. “He just wants to look at himself some more,” Kylie added.)

But what drives Jo back into Tyler’s arms? We know Jo has been crushing on Danny all season — she even admitted it to everyone at Danny’s school board hearing — so when she finds out that Danny and Lacey had been hooking up behind her back, she’s not going to be happy. In fact, she’s going to be crushed.

“The decisions that she makes in the finale are based off pure rage,” Madelaine dished. “She hates both of them because they didn’t tell her they were hooking up! She’s really mad at them, so she kind of crosses enemy lines. She’s a teenager! That’s what happens when you get your heart broken.”

Maybe Jo’s spontaneous hook-up will finally force Rico (Ashton Moio) to admit his feelings for his best friend. “There are multiple reveals in this episode,” the actress said, and we’re hoping this means Rico finally comes clean about his dirty thoughts for Jo.

3. Sarita gets sassy.

Sarita (Jamila Velazquez) is Green Grove High’s H.B.I.C. — and we kind of love it. “I need her to get slapped,” Avan joked. “She is all up in my business!”

However, no one can throw shade quite like Sarita, and when she learns the truth about what her former BFF Lacey has been doing with the school socio, she’s going to make Lacey’s life a living hell. Will this lead to an epic confrontation between the former frenemies?

“She definitely is sassy in this finale episode,” Kylie told us. “There’s no throwdowns, though. I’m sure there will be in the next eight episodes. There has to be some sort of throwdown. Someone has to put her in check!”

Twisted Finale Spoilers: Who Killed Regina? Is Vikram Really Dead? Cast Sounds Off! — Exclusive
Credit: ABC Family    

4. Is Vikram dead(.) — or dead(?)

Vikram Desai remains one of the biggest mysteries of the series. We know Danny’s dad died a few months before Danny was released from juvie, and that his death may have had something to do with now-deceased high school student Regina Crane, but did the two actually have an affair? And why did Vikram give Regina the necklace in the first place? With so many questions surrounding this enigmatic father, we’re starting to wonder if Vikram faked his death.

“I’m going to say one thing,” Avan dished. “Who falls off a yacht? What’s this yacht business? I’m not sure if I trust this story.”

“No one is ever really dead on Twisted,” added Madelaine.

Now, before you start thinking zombies, Twisted fans, let’s go over the evidence. If Vikram really is dead, then he was obviously murdered, and we think it definitely has something to do with the necklace. Isn’t it convenient how everyone who has the necklace eventually winds up dead?

“What’s going on with the necklace?” asked Madelaine. (See, sometimes the actors don’t even know where the story is headed!) “I can’t take it any more!” added Kylie. “It’s not even that cute of a necklace. Why would Regina and [Danny’s] aunt be wearing it?”

Fashion tastes aside, will the origins of the necklace finally be revealed in the finale? Or will that question be the equivalent of “Who Is 'A'?” on Pretty Little Liars?

“When you start answering questions, you just have more questions,” said Avan. “So you’re definitely going to start questioning people’s motives on the show.”

5. Karen Desai’s curious confession.

If Vikram was really having an affair with Regina, Karen (Denise Richards) had more of a motive than anyone for wanting Vikram and Regina dead. Fans were surprised when Karen confessed to Regina’s murder earlier in the season. Sure, Danny later convinced his mom to redact her confession, but is Karen Desai actually guiltier than she appears?

“If she was really the murderer, unless she’s an elaborate criminal, she would have been caught when she confessed because they would have looked into it,” said Avan. “I don’t think she killed anyone.”

“I think she’s more of a torturer,” added Madelaine. “She wouldn’t go full-kill. She’d torture you until you were on the brink of death, and then she would take care of you and nurse you back to health. You’d have to spend all this time with this gripping fear in your soul.”

What do you think, Twisted fans? Are you excited for Tuesday night’s finale? Sound off in the comments!

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