Twisted Recap: Season 1, Episode 4 — Danny Comes Clean (About the Necklace)
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Pretty Little Liars

Twisted Recap: Season 1, Episode 4 — Danny Comes Clean (About the Necklace)

Did Archie kill Regina? That's the question on everyone's mind after Jo and Rico figured out that Archie wasn't "resting up" the night of Regina's party. But did he actually kill her? Jo is on a mission to find out in Tuesday night's all-new Twisted (Season 1, Episode 4: "Sleeping With the Frenemy").

First, however, can we please talk about Rico? Because he and Phoebe are pretty much the best parts of every episode. His first fist bump was so magical, I contemplated calling this recap "Rico's First Fist Bump." I mean, how hilarious was that scene? But I digress.

"Sleeping With the Frenemy" took a page out of ABC Family's other hallmark teen murder mystery — Pretty Little Liars — book by answering one question while simultaneously leaving viewers with so many questions. Remember last week when we thought Archie was the one who may have killed Regina? Well, he either had a really good coverup story, or he didn't do it. It turns out he had an important meeting with the soccer coach at the local prep school, who just so happened to be Regina's uncle. So no, he wasn't "resting up" before the big game, but he wasn't exactly murdering Regina, either. So who did murder her?

If you ask Sheriff Masterson — and Regina's mom Gloria (guest star Jessica Tuck) — they're still pretty certain "Danny De-Psycho" is the one to blame. No to mention whoever committed the act would have had to know about Regina's necklace, which we learn was a Desai family heirloom.

The episode also brought Jo and Lacey one step closer to rekindling their friendship, thanks to one very awkward sleepover. When Lacey's mom Judy (guest star Robin Givens, who does a pretty solid Beyonce impression) invites Jo to Lacey's girls night sleepover with Sarita and Phoebe, Lacey is mortified. Jo, on the other hand, seizes the opportunity to get closer to Regina's friends and uncover potential evidence that points to another suspect in her murder. However, that's not the only thing on Jo's mind: she really wants to be friends with Lacey again.

It was kind of fun to see Green Grove's resident tomboy stress over what to wear and what candy to bring to a sleepover. (It turns out, when in doubt, bring candy corn!) Jo likes to act like she doesn't care about petty teenage antics, but we all know she does. After showing off her mad Apples to Apples skillz, Jo suggest they watch a movie. Sarita, in all her bitchy glory, says she brought horror movies because she knows Jo is kinda into that stuff, while Phoebe suggest Grease — the singalong version! (Did I mention how much I love her?)

When Jo thinks everyone has fallen asleep, she creeps over to the box Regina's mom left Lacey, but before she can open it up and investigate, she gets caught in the act by Lacey! Luckily, she only thought Jo was craving the bowl of candy corn. The two former BFFs talk about the good ol' days, when Danny used to whine about not being invited to their sleepovers, and bond over their mutual distate for Phoebe's snoring. (Even flawless human beings like Phoebe snore — get over it.) Eventually, Lacey dozes off, and Jo really starts to investigate.

She finds a suspicious DVD, made by Regina, of Archie playing soccer. It's aptly titled "Soccer Stud" and describes Archie as "delicious perfection!!!" Naturally, Jo assumes Regina and Archie were hooking up. According to Archie, this was actually the soccer reel Regina made for him. Yeah, OK...

Twisted Recap: Season 1, Episode 4 — Danny Comes Clean (About the Necklace)
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Meanwhile, while Jo bonded with Lacey, she encouraged Danny to bond with this new teammates.

Unfortunately, Archie still doesn't like him — he even calls him "freak" again for good measure — but there is one teammate who seems to look beyond the whole convicted murderer thing. (Side note: Is anyone else getting serious OC vibes from this storyline? If Archie is the Luke to Danny's Ryan, then approximately how long will it take for Archie to scream, "Welcome to Green Grove High, BITCH!")

Apparently five years in juvie didn't harm his soccer skills because Danny is asked to start in the next game (natch). Danny wants to bury the animosity between him and Archie for a few hours and focus on the game, but Archie had another plan. After helping Danny score the first goal of the game, Archie did a complete 180 and became a total ball hog. Jealous, much? His refusal to pass to Danny cost Green Grove the game, and his teammates were not happy — but they were ever more upset when Danny forced him to come clean about where he was the night of Regina's murder in the front of the entire team.

Now, Archie says he had an important meeting with a soccer coach, but do we believe him? He sounded pretty sincere when he explained everything to Lacey. Not to mention that whoever took the Regina's necklace had to know about its history. How else would they know it would tie Danny to Regina's murder? After Danny comes clean to Jo and Rico about the necklace (of course, he doesn't tell them the whole story), they decide they need to find out how Regina ended up with Terra's favorite accessory. Good luck with that one, kids.

As for the mysterious red necklace, Danny didn't destroy it after all. Nope. He hid it in the Desai house. In fact, he hid it so well, Sheriff Masterson and his team didn't find it when they searched the residence after serving Karen with a warrant. So where did Danny hide it? In his father's favorite recliner! Those cup holders are multi-purposeful, right Karen? Poor Karen. She's really going to need another drink after making that discovery.

Notable Quotables

— "A whole night with Sarita and Phoebe? That makes me want to take a nap just thinking about it." Watch it, Archie. We love Phoebe.

— As long as Danny De-Psycho goes here..."

— "I had a lot of guy friends. I did grow up in juvie. I miss them so much."

— "Girl friends are horrible snarky monsters."

— "I'm a single lady now, waiting for someone else to put a ring on it." OMG, is Lacey's mom doing the "Single Ladies" dance?!

— "Is that demon?" / "It looks like a fetus." Um, it's a cat. (I think.)

— "Did you just call Lacey's mom a slut?"

— "Whenever there's a pause in the conversation, I feel like I'm going to throw up."

— "And Jo hair... It looks so cute all frizzy like that."

— "I need a drink." So is this becoming Karen's weekly mantra or what? Keep calm and pour another glass of wine.

Final Thoughts

— So if someone took the necklace to make Danny look guilty, wouldn't that mean that he/she knew about the necklace in the first place? I doubt one of these teens could have known about Terra's necklace, so is one of the adults to blame?

— In her absence, Jo even tells Rico to bond with Danny, and you know, do guy things, like talk about "hot chicks." (Please don't ever say chicks again, Jo.)

— I'm sorry, but Jo was a total idiot for snooping around Regina's box with THREE OTHER PEOPLE in the room. Sure, they were sleeping, but you never know who's a light sleeper. Case in point: Sarita.

— The promo for next week's episode is fulfilling all of my Dacey feelings. ("One perfect night... for someone else." Sorry 'bout it, Jo!)

— Loving the long-running joke that is Jo's messy hair. Girl, you do you.

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Are you watching Twisted? What are some of your theories? Do you think Danny is innocent? Sound off in the comments! Catch the next episode on Tuesday, July 9 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

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