Twisted Spoilers: Avan Jogia Talks Dacey, Danny’s Motives, and Jo Being Friend Zoned — Exclusive
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Pretty Little Liars

Twisted Spoilers: Avan Jogia Talks Dacey, Danny’s Motives, and Jo Being Friend Zoned — Exclusive

On the most recent episode of ABC Family’s new series, Twisted, Danny (Avan Jogia) and Lacey’s (Kylie Bunbury) chemistry reached a boiling point when the two former BFFs kissed at the Fall Fest. So what’s to come for Dacey? And will Jo ever find out that her former bestie and her current crush shared a steamy kiss under the stars?

In Season 1, Episode 6 (“Three for the Road”), the awkwardness between Lacey and Jo reaches an all-time high when the three embark on a roadtrip to uncover new clues to Regina's murder. With Danny is stuck in the middle playing peacekeeper, will Jo and Lacey be able to move past their past resentments? And will Danny land himself in hot water for violating his parole?

Wetpaint Entertainment chatted with Avan Jogia about Danny’s friendship with Jo and Lacey, his ulterior motives, and the spark between Danny and Lacey.

Wetpaint Entertainment: We need to talk about that kiss between Danny and Lacey because it had been building for a few episodes now. How is that doing to affect their friendship?

Avan Jogia: Whereas Jo and Danny are very good friends -- they see eye-to-eye on a lot of things -- Lacey has built up a bunch of walls when it comes to Danny. But their obviously attracted to one another, and that attraction is starting to break down those walls. That gets explored further in the series, but a spark has definitely been lit.

I think it was a little more than a spark! And poor Jo. She just got friend-zoned.

Yeah, I think the plot was really well layed out that way, in which you have two relationships coming to a head at the same time. And then there’s the relationship between Jo and Lacey, which is also very complicated.

Then there’s Rico, who’s pining after Jo, so it’s kind of like a love square, or love polygon if you add Archie.

It’s a free market! Everybody is loving everybody. It’s kind of funny. You have Rico, who gets heartbroken as well. Everyone is getting friend-zoned!

Twisted Spoilers: Avan Jogia Talks Dacey, Danny’s Motives, and Jo Being Friend Zoned — Exclusive
Credit: ABC Family    

So Jo, Danny, and Lacey are now in the Free Danny Desai Club, trying to figure out what really happened to Regina that night. Then there’s Rico, who saw something he probably shouldn’t have seen. is he going to be operating around you three?

I feel like ever since Danny revealed that the necklace Regina was wearing was the same as his aunt Terra’s, I think Rico hasn’t been that comfortable around Danny. He doesn’t trust him, and it’s not like Danny has really given him a reason to. Maybe it’s something Danny will be able to win back at some point, but for now, Danny doesn’t have the shiniest relationship with Rico.

And the end of the most recent episode, Rico saw Karen throw the necklace in the water. Is it safe to assume Rico has the necklace now?

It definitely makes the rounds! It’s not the last we’re going to see of that necklace, whether it’s in Rico’s possession or not.

Right now, everyone talks about Aunt Terra, but viewers have yet to meet her. Can we expect some flashbacks this season? We recently met Danny’s dad, Vikram, via flashback.

We’re definitely going to meet Aunt Terra. You have to build this universe, and answer those questions as to why Danny is the way that he is, and a huge part of that are his relationships with other people. So we’re going to flashback and see Danny’s life before and what lead to this grave mistake.

I love when Danny tells his mom, “If you can’t laugh, then you might as well be dead.” I think it gives a lot of insight into who Danny is a character because he has this unique ability to laugh things off.

It’s his defense mechanism. People find strange ways to cope with very hard situations, and Danny’s way of coping is to be cavalier and charm. Charm is always what serves him, so he operates from there.

And you have this character who you never really know if he’s telling the full story. When you approached Danny, where did you draw inspiration from?

I circled back to his life in juvie and what you would have to do to survive in juvie, rather than trying to ask if he’s a sociopath or not because that’s the question that’s above my pay rate to answer as an actor! The writers are figuring that out as we go along -- or they already know. But as an actor, what serve me, is to go back and look at what life in juvie is really like. There’s a lot of people who go through juvie unscathed, and his way of dealing with that was to be charismatic and self effacing and be using his charm to get what he wants. He also has a propensity for violence because you have to be able to defend yourself and show that you’re not a pushover in juvie.

Let’s talk about the relationship between Danny and his mom, Karen. I think Denise Richards is so fabulous in this role. She just gets to sip wine all day.

She’s drinking wine all the time! I’m parenting her, occasionally. It’s a very interesting relationship. When Danny gets back from juvie, he’s almost a man, and his father’s not there anymore, so he kind of becomes the man of the house and takes on that role. He starts parenting her in a way, and she’s just trying to do the best by him that she can do because Danny has his way of doing stuff, and it’s not always the best way. He’s very sure of the way he would like to get things done, and sometimes she gets in the way of that.

Twisted Spoilers: Avan Jogia Talks Dacey, Danny’s Motives, and Jo Being Friend Zoned — Exclusive
Credit: ABC Family    

And they’re both hiding things from one another, which complicates the dynamic.

Right. They both have ulterior motives, and they have different processes for getting what they want.

Is Danny still public enemy number one in Green Grove? He made quite a scene at the Fall Fest.

I don’t think that ever goes away. That’s something we do touch on in later episodes: is Danny ever going to be normal again? Will he ever recover from this? And that’s something that we really touch on in Episode 7. It might calm a little bit, but only just before the storm. I don’t think society is ready to forgive Danny.

What about the relationship Danny has with Jo? If she finds out what happened between Danny and Lacey, that could be the last straw for her.

Danny feels completely guilty for tearing their relationship apart, for getting in the way of Lacey and Jo. So he’s trying his hardest to rebuild this relationship that’s deteriorated over the years because he feels responsible. In Episode 6, we really go into that. Danny ropes Jo into working together with Lacey. Then it becomes, “What are Danny’s motives for this?” The show is always questioning why he does the things that he does. But he does try to put the pieces back together in the next episode.

Would you say it’s a successful attempt?

Kind of... I guess [laughs].

So what’s ahead for Dacey? Are they going to continue this fling?

I don’t think that the end of that relationship, no. They’re just beginning to explore that.

I want a really good Danny/Archie showdown.

You just might get it! If not this cycle, then maybe the next.

What can you tease coming up? Obviously, Danny is going to continue being as enigmatic as possible.

You really going to understand what Danny values and what he’s willing to fight for -- and who’s willing to fight for him. What lengths will they go to for him?

What do you think, Twisted fans? Are you shipping Danny and Lacey? Or do you want to see him with Jo? Sound off in the comments!

Catch the next episode of Twisted on Tuesday, July 16, 2013, at 9 p.m. EST on ABC Family.

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