Two Grown Men Re-Enact Conversation With a 2-Year-Old and It’s Too Funny
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Two Grown Men Re-Enact Conversation With a 2-Year-Old and It’s Too Funny

Anyone who’s spent time with a 2-year-old knows how wonderfully entertaining they can be, but you know what’s not as wonderful? They can also be irrational, self-centered, and more than a little unstable, with the ability to order their parents around like the tiny tyrants that they are.

That’s why filmmaker Matthew Clarke’s new video series is so hilarious. In Episode 1, Clarke and another “full grown man,” David Milchard, re-enact a conversation that Clarke had with his 2-year-old daughter, Coco Frances.

Clarke clearly gets how 2-year-olds really are. In the video, Clarke comes home from work and tries to discuss what to have for dinner with his wife. He’s very rudely interrupted by ‘Coco’ — now Milchard , wearing a very pretty necklace — who simply says, “No.”

Confused, Clarke asks if he can speak to his wife, just for a moment. Coco answers in a deadpan voice, “No. You can’t talk to her right now? Because I’m talking to her. We’re playing princesses.” He then sits down with Milchard’s wife and begins to play. Nonplussed and clearly out-manned by this tyrannical toddler, Clarke simply slinks out of the room.

We love this hilarious and spot-on parody of toddler dictatorship. If only it weren’t true! Please give us more episodes, stat!

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05.23.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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