Two Sisters’ Reactions to Surprise Disneyland Trip Are Beyond Hilarious! (VIDEO)
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Two Sisters’ Reactions to Surprise Disneyland Trip Are Beyond Hilarious! (VIDEO)

For Lily and her little sister Chloe it was a very good day, even if it took them awhile to realize it.

In this super cute video, Lily’s mom asks the girls where they’re going, and Lily replies in a somewhat bored voice, “school.” When their car whizzes past the school, Lily can’t believe her good fortune. She giggles and quickly picks up the chant “No school! No school”

That’s when her parents completely blow her mind by suggesting “ditching school” altogether and heading to Disneyland, a.k.a. The Happiest Place on Earth, for a 3-day trip. Say what, now?

As the news sinks in, Lily looks a little horrified, then stunned, then immediately dissolves into excited tears, almost hyperventilating while asking her giggling parents if it’s really true.

Meanwhile, her adorably buck-toothed sister just smiles and looks at her mom, very confused. Through her tears and possible need for an inhaler, Lily asks her mom about the the practicalities of her doctor’s appointments.

Don’t worry Lily, Mickey will take care of everything!

Source: Youtube

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