Does Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell Want to Move to Ireland? (VIDEO)
Credit: Catelynn Lowell on Instagram    

Teen Mom

Does Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell Want to Move to Ireland? (VIDEO)

Please grab a four leaf clover and the nearest leprechaun, because Teen Mom's cutest couple, Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell, are officially in Ireland. This reality star duo are hitting up ye olde Emerald Isle as part of the the Love Life Festival, a pro-life "evening of talks, music and friendship where students and young people can hear positive messages about respecting life and living it to the fullest."

Sounds right up Catelynn and Tyler's ally — not just because of their love for love, but because they chose to place their daughter, Carly, up for adoption as an alternative to abortion. The subject is very close to their hearts!

As you might expect, these lovebirds are having a blast in Ireland, and have been documenting their trip for fans via Instagram videos. Not only were we treated to some river dancing (blessed), Tyler announced that he wants to move across the pond. "Only in Ireland!" Tyler posted to Instagram along with footage of even more river dancing. "This is so cool dude! That's it I'm moving lol #Dublin #Ireland."

OMG, don't leave us, Tyler. The United States would crumble and fall apart without your questionable back tattoo and adorable pout! That being said, how can Tyler resist Ireland's nightlife? "Bar night in Ireland is way cooler than back home lol!" Tyler posted. "#Dublin #Ireland #DontGiveUp #WhoWouldOfThunkIt #LovingLifeRightNow."

Gosh, Tyler is so good at hashtags. We're thrilled that he and Catelynn are having so much fun on their whirlwind trip!

Do you think Tyler and Catelynn will move to Ireland? Weigh in below!