Tyler Baltierra “Still Hot” For Catelynn Lowell After Nine Years
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Teen Mom

Tyler Baltierra “Still Hot” For Catelynn Lowell After Nine Years

The time has come to binge eat a yule log (it is the holidays, after all) and take a trip to the backwoods of Michigan, where Teen Mom's Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell are busy being the cutest couple in the history of, like, everything. Tyler and Catelynn shy away from being called "perfect," but despite a few ups and downs (like that time they called off their wedding on reality television) they're more in love than ever!

Cate and Ty met and fell hard during a middle school music class (as ya do), which means they've been together for just about nine years. That's longer than some marriages –– including the marriage of their parents, Butch and April!

Most relationships become rather lackluster after a decade, but not Catelynn and Tyler's! These two are completely smitten with each other, and yes –– they still get frisky between the sheets, if you know what we mean. Which you totally do.

Want proof? Check out this slightly TMI tweet from Tyler to Catelynn: "@CatelynnLowell Damn girl! Last night tho?...well you know #StillHotForYa #9YearsLater #MyBaye."

Yes, we're slightly traumatized by Tyler's overshare about himself, his chintee, and Catelynn getting jiggy with it –– but guys! We're so happy that Tyler and Catelynn are still so "hot" for each other!

Are you surprised that this happy couple have so much passion in their relationship? Sound off below.

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