Tyler Baltierra Defends His Decision to Have Kids Before Marriage
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Teen Mom

Tyler Baltierra Defends His Decision to Have Kids Before Marriage

In case you missed the OMG-inducing news (too busy reading Farrah Abraham's questionably titled book Passy Perfume, we assume), Teen Mom's Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are ready for baby number two!

This adorable reality star duo have been dating for a whopping 10 years, and placed their first child up for adoption when they were just 16 years old. Four years later, Catelynn and Tyler own their own home, are financially stable, are more in love than ever, and are ready to have another kid!

These two couldn't be more excited about the being parents, but some fans are questioning their decision. After all, Catelynn and Tyler aren't married — in fact, they called off their wedding because Tyler wasn't able to commit to Cate. Should they really be having another child if they aren't man and wife? You betcha!

Let's not forget that Catelynn and Tyler have been together for longer than many married couples, and they're 100 percent committed to their relationship. But more importantly, they're committed to being amazing parents to their future kiddo, and Tyler took to Twitter to put the haters in their place (again).

"I really would like to know how marriage makes good kids? Last I checked, that was the parents job #YouPeopleAreWhack #WhoCares," he tweeted on April 27.

He then followed up by adding, "AND btw if you didn't already know. Me & Cate already had a baby & were still not married! NOW You guys decide to comment on it #ALil2Late."

Considering that Catelynn and Tyler are currently engaged, it seems likely that they'll get married before or shortly after having their child, but either way they'll be amazing parents! Do you agree?