Teen Mom

Tyler Baltierra Helps Abbey Wilson Find Her Voice on Couples Therapy

On tonight's all-new episode of Couples Therapy (July 31), Abbey Wilson attends group without her other half, Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis, and shows her co-stars an entirely new side to her personality. Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra notice the change immediately, telling Abbey she's much more verbal without Joe by her side.

"Before you talk, you always look to your right because he's always sitting to your right," Tyler observes. "It's weird to see you just talk and you keep your eyes forward."

Abbey acknowledges that she behaves differently when Joe's around because she's afraid of feeling stupid. Again, Tyler jumps in with some serious words of wisdom. "Abbey, he's not there to correct you, though. He's there to love you," Tyler muses.

Watch the clip and tell us what you think of Ty's advice. Are you as impressed as we are?