Tyler Baltierra Admits He’s Insecure About His Body and His Smile (PHOTO)
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Teen Mom

Tyler Baltierra Admits He’s Insecure About His Body and His Smile (PHOTO)

Please listen up, because Tyler Baltierra needs an internet-hug from you. This Teen Mom star has been in the spotlight non-stop since news broke that he and his fiance, Catelynn Lowell, are trying to get pregnant for round two, and let's just say there's a lot of pressure on this dude –– especially when it comes to his looks!

Tyler Baltierra Admits He’s Insecure About His Body and His Smile (PHOTO)
Credit: Tyler Baltierra on Instagram    

Much like the rest of MTV's roving pack of baby daddies, Tyler loves nothing more than taking it to social media to post shirtless selfies (plus the occasional dreamy picture of his eyes), but it looks like this tender soul is feeling somewhat insecure. Tyler doesn't like his body, friends.

We know, right? What's not to love?! Not only is Ty's back covered by wings, he has his daughter's hand tattooed on his stomach! And did we mention that said stomach happens to be totallytoned? Unfortunately, Tyler only seems to see his imperfections, and took it to Twitter to vent. "I hate being an ectomorph," he mused. "#SkinnyKidProbz."

In case you're confused, ectomorphs are not related to our favorite 90s teen book series, Animorphs. "Ectomorph" is simply a term that refers to people with thin, lanky body types! Sure, Tyler might be on the tall and skinny side, but this reality star is a mega hottie –– he definitely doesn't have anything to complain about!

And there’s more bad news: It also appears as though Tyler doesn't like his smile either.

"Is it just me or do I look weird as hell smiling lol!?" he posted to Instagram. "Oh well I have a lot to be happy about. But to be honest, nothing makes me happier than having a beautiful, strong, & nurturing fiance that I have been blessed with. I LOVE YOU CATELYNN LOWELL! #ThatsTheFaceWhen #IThinkOfHer."

Um, first of all, no you do not look weird smiling, Tyler. Second of all, this is the cutest post that's ever happened in the entire history of Twitter, so excuse us while we go happy-sob into a bowl of ice cream.

What do you think of Tyler's body? Hot, or too-hot-to-handle? Let us know below.

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