Tyler Baltierra Admits He Misses Carly: “Thinking of My Daughter A Lot!”
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Teen Mom

Tyler Baltierra Admits He Misses Carly: “Thinking of My Daughter A Lot!”

Teen Mom's Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are basically a perfect couple, but their lives haven’t been easy. These love birds have been dating for an entire decade, and not only have they had to deal with Catelynn's addict mom and Tyler's living legend-mulleted-dad (bless your heart, Butch Baltierra), they opted to place their daughter, Carly, up for adoption.

Cate and Tyler became unexpectedly pregnant at the tender age of sixteen, and realized that they weren't willing or ready to bring a child into an unstable environment. Despite knowing that they made the right decision for Carly, these reality stars miss their kiddo like crazy.

Tyler and Catelynn stay in touch with Carly as much as the terms of their adoption allows (they have an “open adoption”), but they often wish she was around to witness the special moments in their lives.

"Thinking of my daughter A LOT!" Tyler tweeted on May 7. "I just wish she could be to share the joy of today with me #BitterSweet #SacrificeNEVERStops."

Seeing Carly being raised by another family must be really hard for Tyler and Catelynn (though they get along great with her parents, Brandon and Teresa), but these two will have another chance at parenthood soon.

Cate and Ty recently announced their plans to get pregnant, which means a baby could be on the way any day now! Obviously, another child won't replace Carly in their hearts, but this is definitely exciting news that will go along way in bringing Catelynn and Tyler happiness and fulfillment.

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