Tyler Baltierra Shows Off New Batman Tattoo (PHOTO)
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Teen Mom

Tyler Baltierra Shows Off New Batman Tattoo (PHOTO)

In case you aren't aware, Teen Mom's Tyler Baltierra is the biggest Batman fan-boy ever. He eats, breathes and sleeps Batman, his twitter feed is basically Dark Knight fan-fiction, and yes — he has giant bat wings tattooed on his back. Because why not?

Tyler Baltierra Shows Off New Batman Tattoo (PHOTO)
Credit: Tyler Baltierra on Instagram    

But, guys. Why have only one Batman-themed tattoo when you can have two Batman-themed tattoos? You guessed it, Tyler once again "went under the needle" and inked a giant shoutout to his favorite masked hero — this time on his bulging bicep.

The design for Tyler's tattoo is relatively simple, just a giant silhouette of Batman with a bunch of bats exploding out of his cape. No big deal.

“‘It's not who your [sic] are underneath it's what you do that defines you,'" Tyler posted to Instagram along with a picture of his ink. "Batman Begins #Tattoo #FinalProduct #WhyDoWeFall?"

We ask ourselves that question every night, Tyler. And for those of you who think this tattoo is a huge mistake, check out Tyler's message to haters: "Idc what you guys say I love it lol! #Batman #WhyDoWeFall #HiHaters." Do you, Tyler! Feel the rain on your skin!

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