Tyler Baltierra Takes Another Dreamy Selfie
Credit: Tyler Baltierra on Instagram    

Teen Mom

Tyler Baltierra Takes Another Dreamy Selfie

Are you suffering from an acute case of "I've Run Out of Things To Do on the Internets?" Fear not, Teen Mom's Tyler Baltierra is here to ease your mind with his dreamy eyes, scattered chin hairs, and pouty lips.

As we all know, this dude loves nothing more than posting selfies online, and his most recent gift to the world is just about as good as it gets. Behold: a photo of Tyler staring into your soul while his diamond earring glistens in the distance.

This picture is basically a work of art, and it's so clear and flawless that we can literally see every individual hair on Tyler's chin. What is he thinking, guys? That question will haunt us for a lifetime.

We're so happy that Tyler took time out of his busy schedule of being hunky to snap this selfie — especially because he and his fiancée, Catelynn Lowell, are busy with their alleged pregnancy. Rumor has it that these two are almost three months along, which means they should be making an announcement any day!

Sigh, we just don't know how we'll bide the time between now and then. Oh wait, yes we do. We'll just stare at this picture some more.