Tyler Blackburn Talks Ravenswood Finale, “Danger” For Hanna, and Caleb’s Beyoncé Moment — Exclusive
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Tyler Blackburn Talks Ravenswood Finale, “Danger” For Hanna, and Caleb’s Beyoncé Moment — Exclusive

You can expect three things during Ravenswood’s epic season finale: a heart-pounding climactic scene that will make even the biggest adrenaline junkies anxious, an emotional scene between former lovers Hanna and Caleb, and a perfect Beyoncé moment for Caleb. (Yep. You read that correctly. Beyoncé's locks can’t compete with Caleb Rivers in a wind tunnel.)

Wetpaint Entertainment chatted with Tyler Blackburn about Tuesday night’s suspenseful finale, and we learned that this is a can’t-miss episode. Not only will Hanna (Ashley Benson) return to confront Caleb and Miranda (yikes!), but she’s also find herself at the mercy of the supernatural beings in Ravenswood. It’s finally time for Caleb to tell Hanna about what’s going on in this spooky town, but he’s still hesitant. As for Miranda, well, she’s not pleased with Hanna’s return. Now her crush on Caleb is more painful than ever. With Caleb so distracted by Hanna, will he notice when Miranda’s life is put in danger by the forces on the Other Side? Read on to find out all the finale scoop!

Wetpaint Entertainment: We know Hanna comes to Ravenswood in the finale. Why does she return and how does that affect Caleb?

Tyler Blackburn: She’s there to confront Miranda and Caleb. When Caleb left her in Rosewood, he just kept saying, “It’s complicated. I can’t tell you.” She’s just in the dark, so she comes to get answers, and I don’t know that she’s ready for the answers that she’s given. She doesn’t understand the magnitude of what’s going on, and she’s in danger there. That is why Caleb does not want her there and does not want to clue her in. She’s going to want to come and help and protect, and he’s like, “No. You could die.” It’s a compromising position for her because she thinks it’s one thing, but Caleb knows it’s another.

Tyler Blackburn Talks Ravenswood Finale, “Danger” For Hanna, and Caleb’s Beyoncé Moment — Exclusive
Credit: Patti Perret/ABC Family Channel © 2013 Disney ABC Television Group    

She’s been quite a wreck back in Rosewood.

I know! It’s sad to watch.

But do you think Haleb fans, who felt like there wasn’t a ton of resolution for Hanna and Caleb, will be happy with this episode? Is there closure for them?

Yeah, I think more than anything, it puts the ball in her court. He comes cleans, and then the rest is up to her. She then can say, here’s what I’m going to do now, instead of him leaving her. She has all the facts, and she’s able to make her own decision.

Well, she had a rebound kiss back in Rosewood with another guy...

Yeah, I saw that! Not cool, Hanna. Not cool. To be fair, Caleb did break her heart and he does have Miranda, but the original is always the best. What can I say? [Laughs] But don’t worry. Caleb doesn’t know about it, and if he did, I think he would understand.

Speaking of Miranda, tell us about where Caleb and Miranda find themselves in the finale. Where do they stand?

It’s hard for Miranda because Hanna comes back, and she sees them together. Miranda has not been completely vocal and honest about her feelings for Caleb. There’s this unspoken thing between the both of them, so she sees them together and realizes that they love each other so much. It puts her in a position where she feels like she can’t compete with Hanna. She’s a ghost. What’s actually going to happen between her and Caleb? Nothing can happen at the moment. But I think that she does want the best for Hanna and Caleb. Miranda has a kind heart, and she’s caring. She does kind of get pushed to the side a little in this episode, but not for long. Her existence is compromised for good in this episode, so Caleb and the rest of the them have to help protect her so that she can stick around. So she feels pushed aside, but then everyone redeems themselves, especially Caleb, when they come together to save her.

It’s never a good sign when all of you guys are together. Major drama always goes down.

I know. If we’re all in one scene together, something big is happening. But everything does work out in the end.

Tyler Blackburn Talks Ravenswood Finale, “Danger” For Hanna, and Caleb’s Beyoncé Moment — Exclusive
Credit: Patti Perret/ABC Family Channel © 2013 Disney ABC Television Group    

Even Hanna is in a scene with everyone, right? Does she get in on the action?

A little bit, yes. She does confront Caleb when she’s with everybody, and then the rest of the episode is just her and Caleb talking. She’s put into danger and runs into a few characters from the show that you wouldn’t want her to run into. She definitely does feel some of the action, but she doesn’t understand what it is. She doesn’t understand that there’s a supernatural element to this place, and Caleb is reluctant to talk about it.

It looks like she gets into the same spooky bathtub situation that Caleb found himself in during the premiere.

Yeah. Again, she’s not clued into the fact that this place is haunted. Caleb actually does realize she’s in the bath, and he starts to freak out. He needs to get her out of there. But he doesn’t get to her until after she’s already in danger. It’s a pretty intense scene.

In last week’s episode, we saw Dillon and Collins together. We always thought Collins, albeit creepy, was a good guy, but now, he’s hanging out with Dillon! Are we going to learn about the nature of their relationship in the finale?

And we know is shady! All I can really say about that is you will find out the truth in the finale. You will, as far as whether Collins is good or bad. But you kind of have to trust your instincts. His actions speak louder than words.

What are the stakes like for Caleb & Co. in the finale? With the Curse looming over their heads, their lives are constantly in danger. Are we going to lose one of them in the finale?

All of their lives are compromised throughout this episode. They confront the person who started this curse, and he is not of this world. It’s hard to compete with that! They’re just these teenagers and this guy is a very powerful force not of this world. All of their lives are compromised, until somebody intervenes and helps save the day. It’s pretty intense. We shot this one scene for 17 hours because it was so complicated. First of all, there were so many characters, and then, there were so many effects, too. We had fire effects and wind machines. It’s huge! So that’s the climax of the episode.

So you’re saying Caleb’s hair is going to look really great in this episode, especially with that wind machine?

[Laughs] Oh, yeah! I look like Beyonce.

What scene are you particularly excited for fans to watch in the finale?

I think people are going to love the stuff between Hanna and Caleb because it’s very emotionally fulfilling. But, for people who love the spooky factor and the suspense, they’re going to love this climax scene. It’s massive and intense. I think people are really going to enjoy that. It’s a total adrenaline rush!

Catch the epic finale of Ravenswood on Tuesday, February 4 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

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