Tyler Blackburn on Ravenswood’s Midseason Finale: “Caleb Comes Closer to Death”  — Exclusive
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Tyler Blackburn on Ravenswood’s Midseason Finale: “Caleb Comes Closer to Death” — Exclusive

Will Caleb become the curse’s next victim? Things aren’t looking so good for our hero, and we're seriously considering holding a séance to calm our nerves.

Ravenswood star Tyler Blackburn tells Wetpaint Entertainment that Caleb “comes closer to death” in Tuesday night’s midseason finale“Scared to Death." But before you start organizing a prayer circle with your besties, we have some good news to share: Hanna (Ashley Benson) returns for a brief cameo in the episode, and that may give Caleb the strength he needs to figure out Ravenswood’s biggest mystery: the origins of the five pact.

Wetpaint recently chatted with Tyler about the episode, and he dished about Hanna and Caleb’s “flirtatious” phone call, his “explainable feelings” for Miranda, and what’s in the box. (Hint: it quickly leads the Scooby Gang in the right direction!)

Wetpaint Entertainment: Where is Hanna and Caleb’s relationship headed? Because last week’s episode of Ravenswood was a tough one for the Haleb fans.

Tyler Blackburn: Not much time has past in Ravenswood since Caleb and Hanna said goodbye, so in Episode 5, Caleb gets a call from Hanna, and he’s a little afraid to take it because so much has gone on in Ravenswood that he can’t really be honest about. But they start talking, and they go back to their old ways. They’re very flirtatious and romantic and silly. It’s a really cute scene between Hanna and Caleb. And honestly, it’s so god because they had Ashley [Benson] on the other line with me, and then when they filmed her side of it in LA, I was on the other line with her. So it’s actually us talking to each other on the phone, which was really fun.

Tyler Blackburn on Ravenswood’s Midseason Finale: “Caleb Comes Closer to Death”  — Exclusive
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We know Ashley Benson is coming to New Orleans to film an episode of Ravenswood. Are you excited to be reunited with Ash?

I’m not sure how much time we’re going to have! I don’t even know exactly when she’s coming. It’s up in the air, and I’m not even sure if we’re going to have any free time, but I’d love to go out with her. That’s the thing about me and Ashley, we’ll have fun no matter what. But I think she’s in a lot of the episode, as far as I know. She’s in quite a bit of it, so I think we’re going to have some good times.

Should Haleb fans be concerned? Because it’s pretty obvious that Miranda has a crush on Caleb at this point, and it sounds like Caleb is confused about his feelings for Miranda. They have this weird will they/won’t they tension…

It is weird, but I think the fans shouldn’t be so worried about Caleb and Miranda because it’s so complicated at the moment. I think that Caleb is going through a lot, and a lot of it is very dangerous, as you’ve seen, and he cares so much about Hanna, and he doesn’t want her to be in danger, and he doesn’t want he to get hurt. So he’s kind of in this tight position about what to do. He does feel unexplainable feelings for Miranda, and I think he’s so torn and so confused. Prior to this, he didn’t believe in ghosts. He didn’t know he was part of this pact, and so much has gone on in such a short period of time, so he’s probably having a nervous breakdown on the inside. Caleb just wants to do the right thing. I don’t think Hanna and Caleb fans need to be too worried about the Caleb and Miranda thing just yet.

It must be fun for you to play Caleb amidst a nervous breakdown because he was also such a problem solver on Pretty Little Liars. He was the best boyfriend ever! He’d do anything for Hanna…

I know! She’s so needy, right?

But now he’s cracking under the pressure!

Right, it really has been fun to see this whole other side to him. When I first heard about the story, and they first approached me about Ravenswood, I was immediately stoked. I love the supernatural genre, and I just felt like the possibilities were endless. And it’s exciting as an actor to take a character that so many people ended up liking and play him in a new capacity. I just think it’s so fulfilling, and I’m learning about each episode as it comes, so it’s exciting to see the dynamic change. Caleb does things that surprise me sometimes.

Tyler Blackburn on Ravenswood’s Midseason Finale: “Caleb Comes Closer to Death”  — Exclusive
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We’re learning so much more about Caleb. In this last episode, we met another one of Caleb’s blood relatives, and he gave Caleb a box. So what can you say about what’s in the box?

It is the first of many clues about the origin of the curse that’s on the town of Ravenswood. There’s a lot in the box that the rest of the Ravenswood crew has to piece together to get more answers. Their goal is to stop this curse, so they have to uncover the origin of it. They have to figure out why it was created, and what’s in the box really leads them in the right direction quickly.

So he’s basically going to bring the box to Remy, the problem solver of the group, and she’s going to figure it out.

He brings it to everybody because at this point, everybody has been through enough to where they’re all onboard. So they come together, and it’s really fun to see them figure this stuff out. They’re kind of like this pseudo Scooby Gang, and they have to come together at one point — and this episode is it.

What else can you tell us about the midseason finale? We know death is always looming…

It is! Truthfully, it’s so full of everything. It has Hanna in it, but it also dives into the origin of the curse, which is really fascinating. It goes back to the original Caleb and Miranda from the early 1900s. Caleb is also on a mission to help Miranda see the truth of the situation she’s been put into. As we saw, she was escorted into the light by her mother’s spirit, and it gets really intense as Caleb tries to save her from herself. They need to save Miranda because this dream after life isn’t what she thinks it is. Caleb has been through so much, and he’s constantly surrounded by death and heaviness, and he’s caught between life and death, but something happens to Caleb in this episode that brings him closer to death.

And you’re going to be on Pretty Little Liars when Season 4 returns in January. Are you excited to head back to Rosewood? Do you love these crossover opportunities?

Yeah, for sure! I think it’s great because the viewers really feel like they’re part of something, too. They feel like they’re part of the expansion of this universe, and it’s very smart on the creators’ parts. And obviously, I’m playing the same character, so a lot of people have to know Rosewood before they can dive into Ravenswood. It’s important for me to feel like I’m still part of the PLL family because I love those guys.

Now, Ravenswood films in New Orleans, and the city has a very rich supernatural history. Have you experienced anything supernatural since filming began?

I haven’t had anything happen to me that’s been very scary, but there’s a heaviness about the city that I feel, for sure. I’m kind of an empath, and I feel energy and emotion pretty easily. There are certain parts of the city, like walking around the French Quarter, where you know what’s transpired there, and you feel that residual energy. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever felt.

Catch the midseason finale of Ravenswood on Tuesday, November 19 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

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