Did Tyler and Catelynn Get Married? Recap of the Being Catelynn Special
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Did Tyler and Catelynn Get Married? Recap of the Being Catelynn Special

It's been a while since Teen Mom's final season graced us with its glorious presence, and we can't even describe how much we've missed Catelynn Lowell and her fiancé, Tyler Baltierra. Even more than we miss 3D Doritos. Luckily, fans got a chance to check in with Cate and Tyler during MTV's one-off special, Being Catelynn, and we basically sobbed our way through the entire episode.

In case you need a refresher, Catelynn and Tyler cancelled their wedding during VH1's Couples Therapy, and we've been dying to know whether they're any closer to tying the knot. Sure, they spent this entire episode playing with our emotions by on the one hand being adorable, and on the other hand chatting about how Tyler totally isn't ready for marriage — but the good news? Tyler finally came to terms with how he feels about his honey boo boo, and he decided that he's ready to commit. You know, at some point in the not-too-distant future.

In a moment that caused us to ugly-cry into a giant bag of Butch Baltierra approved beef jerky, Tyler asked Catelynn for her ring back. He then looked into Catelynn's eyes while we looked at her hilarious hat, and said "you mean the world to me. I don't know what I would do without you… I'm gonna do what I need to do, because I wanna be with you forever, and I love you."

Thank god, guys, because the giant turkey legs at their Renaissance Faire wedding won't eat themselves. Also, shout out to MTV for randomly including footage of Catelynn vomiting in the middle of the night and peeing on a toilet. So glad to know that she was just violently ill, and not pregnant!

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