Tyler Tells Off Dad Butch: Teen Mom Recap of Season 4, Episode 4
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Tyler Tells Off Dad Butch: Teen Mom Recap of Season 4, Episode 4

A new chapter in Catelynn and Tyler's life has officially started! This adorable couple have an entire world of possibilities before them, but first they have to deal with Butch's big return.

That's right, Tyler's mulleted father is officially out of the clink, and he shacks up with Catelynn and Tyler in Teen Mom Season 4, Episode 4.

Sigh, hopefully this time he'll abide by their rules, which include "no cops at house" and "no illegal actions." Must be strange to parent your own dad!

Butch makes himself and his handlebar mustache at home, but Tyler's worried his pop will fall into old habits. You know, habits like wandering into people's houses and stealing their stuff. Unfortunately, Butch disappears into the great unknown for an entire day, and to quote Tyler, "Dude I'm sitting here, almost midnight, and I have to worry about my 50-year-old father?"

Uncool, Butch. Turns out Teen Mom's No. 1 pop was just "hanging out with some homies," so Tyler takes his mom's advice and gives his wayward dad an ultimatum: Two strikes and your trucker hat is out!

Do you think Butch will shape up and be responsible, or will Tyler have to teach him tough love? Hit the comments and dish!

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06.27.2012 / 07:17 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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