Tyra Banks Reacts to Glee Appearance: I “Hate Her Guts”
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Tyra Banks Reacts to Glee Appearance: I “Hate Her Guts”

We were loving every second of Tyra Banks's glorious appearance on last night's Glee Season 5, Episode 6: "Movin' Out." As it turns out, the Glee cast was thrilled to work with Tyra but Tyra herself wasn't too enamored with what her character represents.

Tyra shared a scene with Sam (Chord Overstreet) during the episode that was both hilarious and disturbing. After Tyra's character Bichette compares Sam's eyes to those of a cow which was maybe supposed to be a compliment? she warns him that he won't make much money as a male model and that he'll need to lose ten pounds immediately. Nice.

Several Glee stars took to Twitter before the episode to share their excitement about having the America's Next Top Model honcho on the show:

Tyra herself appeared to have a blast while filming the role as well. Prior to the episode, she tweeted:

But later that evening, Tyra wanted to make it clear to viewers that Bichette does not speak for her. Instead, Tyra says that Bichette represents the kind of person in the modeling field whom she despises.

It's great to hear that Tyra doesn't approve of anyone who treats models in such a degrading fashion. And now, the only thing we would hate is if Tyra doesn't come back to Glee for another fabulous appearance. Fingers crossed!

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