Do you remember, back in May 2012, when photos were posted of Drake and Tyra Banks on a "date" at Disneyland, and they tried to spin it as an accidental run-in?

Like, they both happened to be there at the same time — wearing disguises — and decided to hang out?

It sounded ridiculous, and it was ridiculous.

Drake, 27, recently owned up to the Disney "get-together" on Ellen, and Tyra, 39, decided to react to Drake's admission with a funky rap on Steve Harvey's show.

Tyra told Steve she was surprised to see Drake talk about the secret date, and her phone blew up after his appearance on Ellen.

"I'm just like, it's not fair — and Drake, I have words for you."

Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images Photo: Drake at the 2013 Grammy Awards

The America’s Next Top Model host went into a freestyle rap on what she had to say to "Mr. Aubrey." (Since Drake's first name is really Aubrey.)

This is what it sounded like she was rapping:

"Drake, wants a snake

But no he ain't, he's more like a lion

Goin' on Ellen, but not lyin'

Telling the truth, what's up dude, about that date on Disneyland

You ain't my man ... right now ... but why you gotta not kiss and tell but chill and tell?

You're goin' to jail — and this is my Tyra Mail!"

It's pretty funny. And terrible. But also cute. Watch the video below. She should not quit her day job!

Source: Gossip Cop