Tyreese’s Life Lessons: A Walking Dead Survival Guide
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The Walking Dead

Tyreese’s Life Lessons: A Walking Dead Survival Guide

The Walking Dead comic book fans were excited as hell when Tyreese (Chad Coleman) made his first appearance on the The Walking Dead Season 3. Now we’re all anxiously awaiting for him to make the zombie apocalypse his b*tch, and Season 4 is clearly his season. The big question is: Will Tyreese topple Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) as #TeamPrison’s resident BAMF

Here are seven hard-and-fast rules to live by, Tyreese-style:

Stop. Hammer Time.
When in doubt, get your hammer out. Do not use guns. Guns are for a-holes.

Do Not Wake a Sleeping Giant.
Tyreese can go from ladies’ man to killing machine in a matter of minutes. It’s best not to do anything that might initiate this transition because once that beast has been awakened, there’s no telling what could happen — except that it’ll most definitely be Hammer Time.

Don’t Blindly Hack at Overgrown Shrubbery.
Who let the walkers out? We know he’s hammers-deep in a “I don’t give a f—k” phase, but damn! Y’all can learn from Tyreese’s mistake.

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Tyreese’s Life Lessons: A Walking Dead Survival Guide
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Know When to Bounce.
As soon as Tyreese heard about The Governor going crazy, he straight-up left Woodbury for #TeamPrison.

No, Bob, it Doesn’t Help to Keep Moving.
It does, however, help to fly into a blind rage and smash through a walker horde equipped with only a hammer and your beanie.

Sinatra Might Get You the Lady, but He Won’t Get You Laid.
It’s not the 50s or the 60s, dude. Next time, pick Miguel.

Man Up.
Family comes first. Take care of your own. Own up to your actions. Blah, blah, blah. Are these things really so hard to do?

Every Man Should Have a Signature Style Piece.
If family comes first for Tyreese, then second is that beanie. T is fully committed to that knit hat, no matter how swampy it might get underneath there. All we know is that when you see that beanie coming, you know there's a trail of dead walkers in its wake.

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