Tyson Beckford Talks Taking it Off With Romeo Miller For Chocolate City — Exclusive
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Tyson Beckford Talks Taking it Off With Romeo Miller For Chocolate City — Exclusive

Move over, Magic Mike, Magic Mike XXL, and even reality show Men of the Strip. There’s a new set of men taking it all off in front the cameras, and we’re already salivating.

The new movie Chocolate City will feature an all-black cast acting as male exotic dancers. Are you guys interested? Well, you should be! Model/actor Tyson Beckford is slated to star alongside Romeo Miller, who will as a young college student looking to make ends meet when he meets a strip club owner (played by Michael Jai White) who ropes him into the world of amateur dancing.

When Wetpaint Entertainment bumped into Tyson at the 2014 FIFA World Cup McDonald’s Launch Party, we got the 43-year-old (can you believe it?!) to give us the scoop!

Wetpaint Entertainment: Congratulations on Chocolate City — are there any tidbits you can give us about the film?

They told me yesterday that they pushed it back a week, so it’s one more week of training for me. That’s good! I got this whole month to train.

What do you want your character to look like?

He’s going to be like a beast, you know? I’m playing opposite Romeo Miller, so he’s a lot shorter than me, so I’m just going to be [flexes and growls].

Any tidbits you can spill about the movie?

We do have a good fight scene, we have a good fight scene. I won’t tell you who wins or loses, but at some point, yeah. I always love those parts in the movies. You get to work with a fight coordinator, and it’s fun. But me personally, I like to really be hit in the movie because it gives the audience more of a… You can see how real it is when you do that.

How do you think this film will top Magic Mike film?

I think so far, I’ve watched Magic Mike and I read our script, and I think our script is way better, and I think we have better music.

What kind of music?

One of mine, I really picked out my song. I got a really cool hip hop song. It’s very popular right now, but I won’t tell you what it is. But I don’t know what it will be like next year, but it’s a strong song. But we do go back and do an ADR session, where if there is a hot song at the current moment, we use that in the movie. If we got the artist's clearance, we use it, so it’s a good thing. So I don’t think ours is going to be coming out until next summer.

That’s great. We’re so excited!

Yea, you’re going to love it. I promise you. I’m going to do the best that I can.

Swoon. Are you going to check out Chocolate City once it hits theaters? Tells us in the comments below!

Additional reporting by Josephine Cusumano

06.6.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Afiya Augustine
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