Uber Slammed for Raising Prices During London Terror Attack
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Uber Slammed for Raising Prices During London Terror Attack


The terror attack last night in London was horrific, resulting in the deaths of 7 people while another 48 received injuries; some life-threatening.

Yet to Uber, it was allegedly just another opportunity to make a quick buck.

Users of the app were quick to criticize the company after they noticed Uber's dreaded surge prices continued while the attacks unfolded and during their aftermath.

"Hey @Uber — you're really going to surge price x2.1 during a terrorist attack in #London?" one angry customer wrote on Twitter. "Lower than low. #londonbridge #emergency."

Uber is supposed to have a policy in place that disables its expensive surge pricing — which goes into effect automatically based on demand — in the events of emergencies.

However, the company is being criticized for taking too long to lower prices when situations call for it, like they did in London last night. 

It took nearly an hour from the time the attacks began for surge pricing to be disabled in the immediate vicinity around London Bridge, and almost another hour after that until surge pricing was suspended throughout the rest of central London.

The general manager of Uber in London, Tom Elvidge, defended the company's response, telling CNN, "As soon as we heard about the incident we immediately suspended dynamic pricing all around the area of the attacks — and shortly afterward across the whole of central London — just as we did following the attacks in Manchester and Westminster."

But this isn't the first time Uber has been accused of using a dire situation to line their pockets.

Ben there, done that.

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When President Trump's Muslim travel ban caused chaos at airports in January, Taxi drivers in New York City halted rides to JFK airport to show solidarity with Muslim immigrants — many of whom drive cabs in the city.

Uber purposely broke the strike, again utilizing their surge pricing in the process. This led to the #deleteuber campaign, which resulted in over 200,000 people abandoning the app.

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Perhaps in response to the criticisms, the company is now matching fare prices to and from Ariana Grande's One Love Concert, which benefits the victims of the Manchester terror attack from two weeks ago.

Uber will be donating all proceeds from these rides to the British Red Cross.

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