‘Felicity,’ ‘Dawson’s Creek’ & More — 7 Shows That Need an Unauthorized Lifetime Movie
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‘Felicity,’ ‘Dawson’s Creek’ & More — 7 Shows That Need an Unauthorized Lifetime Movie


We’re really enjoying this thing Lifetime has going on right now where they make unauthorized biopics about some of our favorite 90’s shows. First there was Saved by the Bell and Full House, followed by Beverly Hills, 90210 and, this weekend, Melrose Place.


But if the producers at the network are stumped as to which shows should get the biopic treatment next, we’ve got a couple suggestions…


Here are 7 old school shows with behind-the-scenes drama we die-hard fans (and #90skids) need to see in a TV movie ASAP.

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The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

With the news that Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff are going on tour, a Fresh Prince movie just makes sense right now. We even think Alfonso Ribeiro, who’s all of a sudden famous again thanks to Dancing With The Stars, would be down to make a cameo. But what we really need to get to the bottom of with this show is all that Aunt Viv drama — why did two separate actresses play her throughout the series? WHY?!

Boy Meets World

We’re thankful for the show’s Disney Channel spinoff, Girl Meets World, but we need more. How come? Mainly because Danielle Fishel, aka Topanga, and Lance Bass, the guy from *NSYNC, went to prom together IRL when the show was filming and we want to pretend we were there. Besides — there’s probably a million little curly-haired struggling actors out there dying for the chance to play Cory Matthews.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The Buffy TV movie would give us better insight into Nicholas Brendan’s drug issues and attempt to explain how star Sarah Michelle Gellar really felt by the end of the WB series’ final season. Plus, we’re dying to know if this famously chummy cast secretly hated each other.


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Sister, Sister

Did you know ABC canceled the show after Season 2, at which point a then brand-new WB picked it up for the remainder of its run? Mind. Blown. Imagine what else we’d learn about Sister, Sister with an unauthorized movie — or an authorized one, since Tia Mowry is apparently on board. Only issue is Lifetime might have trouble casting identical black tween twins, since few people can compare to Tia and Tamera. But whatever, we’d watch it anyway.


While many casts of teen soap operas hook up both on and off-screen, Felicity spawned actual relationships. Keri Russell and Scott Speedman dated during the latter half of the show, and Scott Foley ended up marrying Jennifer Garner, who played his on-screen girlfriend, Hannah. We need to see this play out! Oh, and also, that haircut…

Dawson's Creek

Fun fact: TV’s first-ever gay male kiss happened on the Season 3 finale of Dawson’s Creek. How could a monumental TV moment like that not get its own biopic, right?! But we’re okay if Lifetime waits a few years to make this one so Michelle Williams’s and Katie Holmes’s daughters can become teenagers and play their characters, Jen and Joey.

Gilmore Girls

Okay, so technically this show began in 2000, not the 90’s. But between Alexis Bledel’s off-screen relationship with Milo Ventimiglia and how Paris Geller came to be — apparently Liza Weil originally auditioned for the part of Rory — there’d be more than enough juicy stuff to make a movie.


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The Unauthorized Melrose Place Story airs Saturday, October 10 at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime.