Under the Dome Season 2 Spoilers: THREE Major Deaths?!
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Under the Dome Season 2 Spoilers: THREE Major Deaths?!

Under the Dome is turning into The Walking Dead. The CBS series will return with Season 2 on Monday, June 30, with a premiere written by the book’s own author, Stephen King.

The name of UTD Season 2, Episode 1 is "Heads Will Roll,” which is a pretty big hint as to the severity of the drama, but apparently the heads will keep rolling after that.

A fan asked E! News for some scoop on the new season, and they replied, “Alright, we can tell that you're a true fan of this highly addicting sci-fi drama, so we're going to tell it to you straight: There are definitely two major deaths in the beginning of season two. Crazy, right?! As if that wasn't shocking enough, we're hearing another major one is coming by the end of the season. One hint on one of the earlier sendoffs? It's one of the series' younger stars. (Anyone else secretly hoping it's going to be Junior?)”

Ooooohhhh. It’s already been out there for a while that the first episode would kill off two major characters, with some speculation that one of them might be related to another show’s casting scoop. But the second death, with one of the younger stars, and the third big death? Hmm...

Several new characters will be released this season, including ER's Sherry Stringfield playing Pauline, "a mysterious woman who may be connected to the origins of the dome."

Under the Dome Season 2 Spoilers: THREE Major Deaths?!
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We're guessing that's Pauline Rennie, aka Junior's (Alexander Koch) mom and Big Jim's (Dean Norris) presumed dead wife. Eddie Cahill (CSI: NY) will play Big Jim’s brother-in-law, Sam; Karla Crome (Misfits) will play a schoolteacher named Rebecca; and Grace Victoria Cox will play Melanie, who ends up attracted to Joe (Colin Ford).

Will they do a love triangle thing with Joe, Norrie (Mackenzie Lintz) and this Melanie girl, or could Norrie be one of the deaths? And what about the third death? It might be too early to speculate on that one. It’s also hard to know how where CBS and the producers might be going with the story, since it’s increasingly different from the novel.

"The second season is going to take us to places where the book never got to go," executive producer Brian K. Vaughan said in a previously released sneak peek video. "Stephen King gave us some ideas we never imagined." Executive producer Neal Baer added,"We're really excited because [King] is bringing his usual twists and turns and shocking events."

Do you have any theories about the deaths, and other events, coming on UTD2?

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