Under the Dome Will Return For Season 2: Good Idea?
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Under the Dome Will Return For Season 2: Good Idea?

UPDATE: It's official. UTD is coming back for Season 2, with 13 more episodes airing in the summer of 2014. Stephen King himself will even write the premiere.

Original story:

Stephen King's Under the Dome is a gigantic book, but when we first heard CBS was turning it into a series, we figured it would be like a 13-episode miniseries. One and done. However, not only have they changed major things from the book, they are apparently expanding the universe into a second season.

A fan asked TVLine if Under the Dome would be coming back for Season 2. TVLine answered, "Yes. Although nothing’s official, rest assured there will be a second season of Under the Dome. The only question is whether CBS will hold it until next summer or bring it back in-season (i.e. next spring)."

Do you think that's a good idea? Is there enough material to stay in Chester's Mill for another season? Does this mean the dome won't be removed this year?

In some spoilers, it was previously revealed that the TV show Powers That Be got King's OK to change the dome source and give the story a new ending. TVLine added more details on the Season 1 ending: "In the meantime, in case you missed it, Rachelle Lefevre lightly spoiled the Season 1 finale, telling me at Con, 'The last five minutes will contain a very, very large moment of whether or not [Barbie and Julia] have come far enough in our relationship to help one other out of a very difficult situation.'”

What do you think of that? Are you ready for a second round of dome-age?

Source: TVLine

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