New Jersey Mom Accused of Hosting Teen Drinking Party — Should She Face Jail Time?
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New Jersey Mom Accused of Hosting Teen Drinking Party — Should She Face Jail Time?

Many rebellious teenagers sneak out of their homes to drink, but why go to the trouble of flashing a fake ID when your mom will let your party in her house with zero consequences? Forty-four-year-old New Jersey mom Ivette Wilson recently hosted a noisy house party for her child's friends, where underage high school students drank up a storm on her watch.

You might initially think that Ivette is the coolest mom in The Garden State, but her laid back attitude doesn't come without a price. Ivette is being charged with "maintaining a nuisance" (insert LOLs here) and allowing underage drinking on her property.

Police officers arrived at her house to find 50-75 teens bolting away from the scene, and even worse? There were "dozens of open containers of beer and hard alcohol," as well as marijuana and what appeared to be cocaine. Lab results will provide a definitive answer, but things definitely aren't looking good for our girl Ivette...

Many parents in the area are arguing that Ivette's decision to let the kids party in her house is more responsible than letting them hit up some random club and get behind the wheel, but either way she's majorly liable. Meanwhile, detectives are trying to identify the teens who were at the party (charges will likely be filed), while Ivette is due in court later this year.

Source: ABC

10.24.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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