Unemployed Texas Teacher Finds $20,000 — and Turns It In!
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Unemployed Texas Teacher Finds $20,000 — and Turns It In!

Candace Scott, a currently unemployed school teacher living in College Station, Texas, is the gold standard in honesty. The lucky lady was driving recently when she ran over a bag in the middle of the road. She stopped, realized that she had seen money inside the pouch, and retrieved it to find $20,000 worth of stacked cash!

Take a second and ask yourself what you’d do with $20,000? Pay off your student loans? Make a down payment on a house, take a trip to Hawaii with the fam? While we can imagine dozens of scenarios that could have played out in Candace’s head, she ultimately decided to turn the money in to the nearest Chase Bank — after all, the money turned out to be placed in a lock bag with the bank’s name on it.

The teller at the front desk was shocked to receive the unorthodox delivery, but praised Candace repeatedly for her honesty. The bank showed its appreciation with a $500 gift card.

The story eventually circulated out of the state and into the CNN newsroom, prompting the anchors to thank Candace in their own way, giving a shout-out to the teacher and advertising for her, asking viewers interested in working with Candace to tweet them!

While Candace isn’t currently tanning poolside in Oahu, she is setting the best possible example for all of us. Any classroom would be lucky to have Candace at the board.

Source: MSN News

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06.21.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Emmalie Vance
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