Unexpected Moments of Jersey Genius: Episode 2.10
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Unexpected Moments of Jersey Genius: Episode 2.10

Think of all of the great civilizations that have arisen throughout history — ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. What did they all have in common? Sun! And nowhere is it any sunnier than in Miami, where the next generation of great thinkers is currently pushing the bounds of the human mind. Read on for the Unexpected Moments of Jersey Genius from Episode 2.10, and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Zoology. The Situation is a lover of many things: girls, his abs, girls, his abs. Now we know that The Sitch is an animal lover, too. “Angelina probably left the Swiss cheese in the car, because we all know that rats love cheese.” You know, Mike, if that whole dancing career doesn’t work out, there’s probably a job waiting for you at the Bronx Zoo.

Psychology. We always knew there was something a little off with The Situation, and thanks to Dr. Ronnie, we’ve got an explanation: “Mike’s sitting still, and Mike’s got ADD so Mike never sits still. So I’m worried at this point.” Considering how much time The Sitch spends focused on his abs, we doubt he has ADD.

Unexpected Moments of Jersey Genius: Episode 2.10
Credit: MTV    

Cultural Relativity. When the Jersey Shore gang is confronted with someone from another culture, you can always leave it to Vinny to make sure they feel comfortable: “Mike brought the Canadian back, eh? And he wanted to show The Canadian what The Situation was all aboot.” Vinny’s just lucky no one makes fun of the way he and his friends talk. Wait, that’s not true...

Political Science. Just like Vinny is culturally aware, The Situation is up on politics: “To call me fake is just blasphemy! To talk against the leader like that, in other countries you get hung for that type of s***.” We can’t imagine Mike hanging anyone, but maybe he’d strip them of a GTL session. That would be bad enough.

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