10 Totally Weird, Unexpected Red Carpet Dates (PHOTOS)

Celebrities walk the red carpet all the time, so we don't blame them for occasionally trying to mix it up when it comes to their arm candy — in some cases, replacing arm candy with arm pizza. These celebs decided to have a little fun with their plus-one, in some cases to make a sweet gesture, other times for shock, but usually for reasons unknown. Sometimes it all boils down to a publicity stunt with a less-than-ideal execution. All these cases have something in common, though: they come across as really, really weird.

From balloons to brothers, from snakes to Sasquatch, not all celebrity red carpet guests are expected. Weird celebrity couples we can get used to, but these are a whole other ballgame. Ready to see the weirdest and most random red carpet dates? Click here to start the gallery!