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Braxton Family Values star Traci Braxton is working hard to give her image a serious overhaul, and we couldn't blame her. Since Season 1 of the hit reality show, Traci’s had it rough from being labeled “the wannabe” to being told she needed to lose weight. And now that Traci’s marriage problems (a possible illegitimate child fathered by her husband) is getting attention, Tray has had enough and is doing her best to give herself an image overhaul.

Traci’s journey doesn’t negate the fact that she’s still very upset by her sister’s revealing her marital woes without her consent.

I was really hurt to find out they discussed my marital problems on the show without my consent. I could not believe it but then again my sisters are nosy,” she told Madame Noire. “They give unsolicited advice and it can be so bothersome. But that is how we grew up in our household, always in each other’s business.

But Traci’s not letting this slip up deter her. As a matter of fact, Traci says she’s grown a bit of a backbone and “fans should expect to see me standing up for myself this season,” adding “this time around I am sticking up and making moves for Traci.”

Credit: Instagram

And what are these moves Traci is speaking of? Oh, just a little radio show called The Traci Braxton Show hosted in the tri-state area of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia where the Maryland natives will discuss current events, entertainment, fashion, and celebrities. Traci also alluded to several other “business ventures” that she’s a part of, in addition to focusing on her stellar weight loss. Though she admits to gaining 12 pounds while touring and doing publicity, she says we’ll continue to see her sweat it out on the show.

We’re excited to see Traci put herself first for a change because just like her, we needed to see “that ‘wannabe’ thing” disappear!

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Source: Madame Noire