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It appears that R&B singer Tamar Braxton had a lot to be thankful for this past Thanksgiving. Not only is the new mom touring with singer John Legend on the Made to Love tour, but she’s also the recipient of two Soul Train Awards, and recently celebrated her fifth wedding anniversary!

So how did Tay-Tay celebrate 5 years of marriage to husband, manager Vincent “The” Herbert? With their new son Logan of course!

Taking to Twitter to express her joy, the reality star posted an adorable photo of Baby Logan bundled up with the caption:

Credit: Instagram

“Look at what we have for our 5th year anniversary Vince! I [heart] you & Logan #weaintgotnonannycauseshewenthome #weforgotitwasthanksgiving #&ouranniversary #wetriedit #nooinkoink #noafterparty #youhavetoholdthebabywhenimonstage #wehood4this #ohwelliloveubothsowethugginitout #wewillcelebratesomeothertime.”

Telling by the hilarious hastags, it looks like Tamar spent her anniversary (and Thanksgiving Day for that matter) dazzling the stage with her amazing vocals while daddy Vincent tended to their kiddo behind the scenes.

We hope that the couple were able to manage a little quality time for themselves to eat some grub, and celebrate their big day— even with Baby Logan in tow.

How do you think Tamar and Vince should celebrate their 5-year anniversary? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: Instagram