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The fun definitely didn’t stop on the latest episode of Braxton Family Values. On Season 3, Episode 17, “Tour De Divas,” there were tons of laughs… with a small side of drama.

Toni, Traci, Towanda, and Trina go on tour. After 5 years of not doing a thing, Toni Braxton is officially out of retirement and back on the road — with sister Traci, Trina, and Towanda Braxton in tow, of course. With their first big show in Atlantic City, Toni’s nerves get the best of her, as she runs around making sure that everything is perfect. She gets a huge surprise when her ex-husband, former Mint Condition member Keri Lewis, takes a break from producing the tour to join Toni’s band for the evening. While their divorce was pretty amicable, Toni jokes that she can’t even be single for the night and have fun with a little eye candy on stage without Keri watching.

Tamar films “All the Way Home” music video. New mom Tamar Braxton is back on the music grind and prepares for her newest video, “All the Way Home.” We watch as Tay throws a fit when her stylists give her clothing she is not happy with, including an “adult contemporary” dress and “Wynonna Judd”-looking boots. Fortunately, her team are able to get her an outfit she approves of, but not before she and her husband Vincent “the” Herbert have one of their usual quarrels about shooting the video on schedule.

The sisters make fun of Trina — and she’s not laughing. One of the highlights of Toni’s tour includes younger sister Trina standing in as a musical act during Toni’s performances. Trina’s extremely nervous to be performing, not only in front of hundreds of Toni’s fans, but in front of Toni, who in the past has been overly critical of Trina’s stage presence. During Trina’s performance of her single “Party or Go Home,” the audience wasn’t thrilled, and this of course was a blow to Trina’s confidence. Things only got worse when Toni, Traci, and Towanda all made fun of the way Trina sang, saying that she teetered around the stage like Mariah Carey, and acted ditzy like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian.


Toni blames the sisters for her wardrobe malfunction. In case you didn’t hear, Toni had a slight wardrobe malfunction this past August at a concert in Brunswick, New Jersey, and it looks like the BFV cameras were rolling throughout the whole thing. While relaxing in Miami, Toni gives sister Towanda and Trina a piece of her mind on how they allowed her derriere to hang out without any kind of assistance. Sadly, Toni didn’t know about the wardrobe mishap until one of her fans on stage handed her a jacket to cover her revealing backside.

The sisters responded to Toni’s scolding by noting that not only was she wearing a nude-colored bodysuit, but that her body was in fit and fine form. That’s a nice way of looking at it!

Towanda voices her issues with Tamar. While celebrating the success of Toni’s tour and Trina’s improving showcase, the sisters decide to have “sister time,” though Tamar wasn’t able to attend. As Trina fills Toni in on Tamar’s absence, Towanda lays down all her grievances with Tamar, including the fact that Tamar has been exceptionally mean to Towanda when it came to her putting her children before work and only reaching out when she’s in need.

It’s been pretty obvious to the sisters that there’s been a clear divide between Tamar and Towanda. While Trina and Traci try to stay clear of the battlelines, elder sister Toni tries to tell Towanda that Tamar’s “baby sister” mentality is the reason she’s acted (and continues to act) the way she does. Towanda, however, is not having any of it and waits for the day that she can throw back Tamar’s attitude in her face.

A new episode of Braxton Family Values airs Thursday, December 12, at 9 p.m. on WE TV.

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